Monday, May 30, 2011

Now Streaming...Zuma Dogg's iTunes Player (Aka: Zuma Music Radio - "L.A.'s Greatest Hits of 70's & 80's!")

[Pictured: ZD likes to sing along. But that's the Pay-Per-View feed.]

Listen in on what Zuma Dogg is listening to, today: Zuma Music Radio - L.A.'s Greatest Hits of the 70's & 80's! (Aka: Streaming my iTunes player, online.) The music stream starts, automatically at (Also at if player doesn't appear.)

NEW FEATURE: Google stats has "Most Viewed for Past 30 Days" ranker than auto feeds into the blog. (See right hand side.) Here's a posting:

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And FYI: There were more cops at the drum circle, yesterday to break it up, than there were people at the drum circle. Gotta run up that overtime, after all that crime that happened over three consecutive weekends, right after they announced LAPD was having their budget cut. NOW, it's a BRILLIANT justificiation to run up the overtime machine. (It was FREEZING AND WINDY, yesterday at the drum circle. Hope you can display that show of force, with horses and helicopters, and SUVs and motorbikes and every cop in the city when it's 90 degrees in the summer, when it's packed. Anyway, who cares? Just demonstrate the need and run up the overtime, and EVERYONE gets paid!!! $$$ !!! $$$ !!! $$$ !!! (It looked like an LAPD annual BBQ/picnic/convention on the sand, yesterday. Should have had the Chief make an appearance for a staff meeting, as long as the entire department was on the beach to break up the smallest drum circle, ever. (AND NOW...on with the countdown!)

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