Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is Herb Wesson Going To Dethrown Eric Garcetti As L.A. City Council President?

Kevin James (870-KRLA) just did a teaser on his show that he has a source speculating that L.A. City Councilman (District 10) Herb Wesson may challenge L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti for the thrown. Also mentioning Wesson already has eight votes.

I accused Wesson a few years ago of being about to attempt the move. It didn't happen, and maybe my exposure blew it for him at the time. But here is an email response I sent to Kevin, just now, explaining why this topic may be coming up, once again. And why it may be more important to give it a shot, now. (Kevin is mentioning/referring to the email, now, on the air!!!)

Email: herb told me years ago, he is the only cm who could topple garcetti, but he didn't want to (at the time.) Now, here's maybe why he needs to. First of all, I don't think herb wants to be cm, cause he smokes and can't sit there all meeting, cause he likes to go outside. but, wendy greuel is the city hall gal for mayor. herb also told me he is antonio's best friend/going way back to assembly/like fred and barney. if the city hall machine is moving to wendy, maybe they are gonna have to have herb replace eric so he can't be the president, to campaign for mayor. cause although we think it's bad to be cm, city hall probably sees eric being council prez as a plus in helping him as mayor. ALSO, if antonio leaves/is forced to step down, gets an appointment, eric would be acting mayor, giving him a huge edge for the mayoral election. so again, herb told me he is the only one who has the votes to challenge garcetti. wesson=villar (end of email.)

If this happens, eric will say, "In a preponderance of, I mean in an abundance of caution, since I am thinking of/campaigning for mayor, I'm going to step down as council president and we'll open it up for a vote as to who shall replace me as council president." (Then they'll go around the horseshoe and vote unanimously for Herb, which will be a HUGE coincidence since they aren't allowed to have discussions outside of council chambers on this matter.) Anyway, that's just my speculation on the speculation.

LA TIMES BLAST FROM THE PAST: "Zuma Dogg Wags Tale In Council's Face" (L.A. Times article on ZD after his first couple months at city hall. From May 22, 2006 - 5 Year Anniversary Post!)

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