Friday, May 20, 2011

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A Peek Inside Arnold Schwarzenegger's Santa Monica Office


MEDIA ALERT: Lights were just ON 's Santa Monica office. Zuma Dogg took video of inside. Trophies, awards, movie prop, etc. LOL to the news departments of 2,4,7,9, 11 who waited all week long and captured video of a brick wall. I can assure you, this was a rare occasion. (Lights being on, at night, allowing you to see/video the inside. They are dark black, tinted windows, so you can't see in during the day, or at night...UNLESS IT IS NIGHT AND THE LIGHTS ARE ON. (Happens about once a year. Tonight was one of them.)

Here's one short clip for the media to preview. Available without "Zuma Dogg" watermark, too. Contact Zuma Dogg.

I can hear Arnold yelling at someone now, "Who's the one who turned on the lights, when Zuma Dogg had the camera, and he took the pictures, and you didn't get him...who's the one...with the lights...when he had the camera, who turned them on?!?! Somebody get me Donald Trump, because, "YOU, FIRED!"

If you would like to license the video footage contact Zuma Dogg. See contact info on this website. Not the best quality, cause it was at night and was shot with a camcorder. But if your audience hasn't seen into the office, this is probably your only chance. Also have photos of his new Bently and Commando vehicle (he used to drive to the office, a lot), parked outside his office in his usual space, from previous days.

Serious Money, Only. Don't cry that your news department doesn't have the budget. Then, too bad. I guess that's why TMZ ends up with everything. DO NOT CALL UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO WRITE A NICE CHECK! (It doesn't matter how much I have told you I like your reporting.) MAYBE if Lisa Hernandez calls and asks, I might let it go to ABC 7 for only $2500.(BUT NOT IF SOME NEWS PRODUCER SUIT CALLS!)

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