Thursday, May 26, 2011

MEDIA ALERT: Brand New PORSCHE Parked In Schwarzenegger's Parking Space, NOW! (Is That His NEW Car? See Pictures HERE!)

2:00PM: A brand new, shiny PORSCHE is parked in the parking space of disgraced former Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger's Santa Moncia office. Did he get a new car, since his Bently is now so recognizable; or is the mall security guy watching TV, again, in the cigar shop and let someone else park in the ex-Governor's space? (Hasn't happened before. ZD feels Arnold drove to his office in a new car and is in there, now. So, some of you more adorable, female news anchors...grab your crew and stop by for a visit with ZD as we wait to see. I'll be in my VIP suite, overlooking the scenario. Wave and I'll come out to say, "hello.")

PS: News media: It's "temporarily registered." I have the VIN number and phone number to the dealer who sold this car, if you're interested.

2:37PM UPDATE: You snooze, you don't get the pictures or VIN registration information. New, temporarily registered PORSCHE parked in Schwarzenegger's space was moved. I didn't see if Arnold left in it, or it was moved. Guess ZD only one with pics and dealer/VIN info, y'all.

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