Monday, May 23, 2011

A Tip of The Hat To Chief Charlie Beck and LAPD on Arrest of Dodger's Parking Lot Suspect!

Alright, I've been cranky at LAPD, lately, over their allocation of resources at Venice Beach and overall attitude and harassment of Big ZD, from the 2-1-3...and I even stormed down to the police commission meeting to blast Chief Beck, face to face, in close proximity, over the issue, as broadcast LIVE on City TV, and as seen in this video replay:

But only a pussy criticizes so loudly and publicly, if they are not willing to tip the hat, upon the proper occasion. And an occasion was Sunday.

Chief Beck, you looked GREAT out there, before the city and nation in your addressing of the arrest of the Dodger's Stadium suspect, Sunday on TV. You came off very reassuring and put a great face on the situation. And the degree to which I was STUNNED with the announcement, is a testament as to what decent work was put forth. (It doesn't matter if one parole officer called in the tip. It takes a million swings against the rock, before ONE SWING of the hammer cracks it.) I bet most people thought they'd never catch this needle in a haystack. And overall, it sends a GREAT message to the city and the nation and I think it's the best the city has looked in the five years I've been paying attention.

Now cut the nutty crap at Venice! ;-)

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