Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Visit Los Angeles, California: Live The Whole World In One Day!

During today's Los Angeles City Council meeting, a group of hotel operators showed up in support of a new 1% tax on hotel rooms to kick into a marketing campaign to promote tourism in Los Angeles.

The gripe of council being that other city's like San Diego, Las Vegas, etc. are (out)spending on tourism marketing. And tourism is (was) L.A.'s biggest thing going.

So not to debate whether the city should tack on an (approx) 1% tax to help market tourism, but as a marketing strategy challenge, Zuma Dogg has come up with a concept toward the goal of marketing tourism in Los Angeles.

When coming up with any marketing campaign, first thing you do is recognize/identify what the strength of the product is. (What is the unique/competitive market advantage? Cause if there isn't one...you're screwed before you start.)

BUT, in THIS case, there IS a competitive angle: The cultural diversity of Los Angeles with all it's cities within the city. (Koreatown, Chinatown, Little Ethiopia, Little Tokyo, East L.A., etc. -- plus, beaches, Hollywood attractions, Sunset Strip...a lot of WORLD FAMOUS things/people...AND all the things people can do in surrounding cities that L.A. City can use to attract people to the area, through LAX, like Disneyland, 3rd St. Promenade, Malibu, Rodeo Dr., etc. (Don't shy away from these things, just cause they aren't in L.A. City. Tourists see it all as ONE trip/vacation...and L.A. hotels will benefit by these attractions, as will the L.A. economy, in general.)

The initial slogan that popped into mind, based on all of the above was: "Visit Los Angeles: Experience The World In A Day."

Premise being you can wake up at a Spa Hotel in the Marina; have fun at Venice Beach; a drive up Sunset Blvd to Sunset Strip, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Little Ethiopia, Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive, Koreatown, Chinatown, Little Tokyo...East L.A. for a taste of Mexico...Experience L.A. for the BEST that the world has to offer! Travel the world in a day! Live the WHOLE WORLD in one day! (No other city can say that!)

L.A. TOURISM TWEET: "With so much cultural, artistic beauty splashed throughout the landscape, you see a world's museum on our streets as you drive across town."

L.A. TOURISM TWEET: "The best, most authentic Chinese, Mexican or Mediterranean meal you've ever had could be right through that squeaky screen door."

L.A. TOURISM TWEET: "L.A.: A city that needs to have what it takes to cater to the stars. If you come here, we can cater to you. Book your stay, now."

L.A. TOURISM COMMERCIAL: "In Los Angeles, the best things in life are FREE! (Show Marina Del Rey park, Venice Bike path of the ocean/mountain view, etc.)"

That's the concept...maybe I'll shoot the video with my camcorder and post it on YouTube.

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