Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6/29/11: Are L.A. Animal Sevices Pets Being Stolen & Sold For Profit, CalPERS Pension Fraud Covered by Los Angeles Times and MORE L.A. City News

READER COMMENT via "With city conditions so bad, the volume of text is overwhelming on every blog that mentions city ills, and your catches about the most in one place." - AWE YEAH! That's why I stand here round the clock, y'all! (Basically, like a "hoarder," I like to have all the stories I like to read, in one place, without all the other stuff. Glad this person notices!)

Zuma Tweets

  • Is there ANY L.A. City Dept that isn't corruptible. This could be worst! Selling pets stolen from LA shelter for profit! 6 minutes ago
  • LACityNews: A LOT more content. 2 yrs ago, would need blog post for each topic. Now can tweet a link to full item, then post page of tweets! 8 minutes ago
  • BREAKING: Building and Safety chief outlines FBI probe, calling bribe revelations 'violations… 16 minutes ago
  • DAILY NEWS: You really have to check those shortened hyperlinks you tweet. 2 for 2 I clicked on today were dead links/page not found. 14 Pts 25 minutes ago
  • MEET L.A. Icon #ZumaDogg at #AustinBeutner event in Venice, Wed 6/29. Austin will be there, too. (Better be food, or SHORT ZD appearance!) 41 minutes ago
  • MOST SEARCH TOPIC LINKING TO http://LACityNews (6/28/11): "Bryan Stowe Video/TMZ." 46 minutes ago
  • LA TIMES ON REPORT BUSTING CalPERS on CORRUPTION: The review found support for allegations of corruption, (cont) 51 minutes ago
  • CalPERS PENSION SHADINES, ROLLS ON: TODAY'S (6/16/11) L.A. Times FOLLOWS-UP on Zuma Dogg's coverage of this (cont) about an hour ago
  • L.A. Council Resolves most of the major issues on OLVERA ST MERCHANT Agreement, but ONE big issue remains. (cont) about an hour ago
  • AEG/NFL Stadium Deal Followers: Good Analysis from about an hour ago
  • Mayor Signs Port Labor Agreement: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has signed a five-year labor agreement between the ... about an hour ago
  • LA County Plastic Bag Ban Starts Friday: Los Angeles County's ban on plastic bags, to be enforced in unincorpora... about an hour ago
  • RT @Villar: What volunteer work should @ConanOBrien do for a street naming? @TeamCoco (Dump corrupt/loser mayor's ass outside city limits.) about an hour ago
  • California Democratic Lawmakers pass phony budget w/out Republican support and pass on to Gov Brown's desk for approval. Cut the paychecks! about an hour ago
  • RT @SylviaARobles: Please give Zuma cash/PayPal! SantaMonica you are rich. I bet Whitey Bulger wld've drop'd cash into Zuma's hat. (ZD=LOL) about 9 hours ago
  • RT @Villaraigosa: "Celebrating the success of..." (Corrupt, Mr. Magoo Mayor - ALWAYS celebrating some success as city falls into sink hole.) about 9 hours ago
  • RT @SylviaARobles: #KFI# #Pension Reform# says Jon of #John&Ken. Respect 4 pressure on Gov on pension reform & abuse: I say it is #ZUMADOGG about 9 hours ago
  • L.A.-area heat wave expected for Fourth of July weekend about 9 hours ago
  • #BreakingNews: Judge approves Dodgers bankruptcy financing about 10 hours ago
  • SORRY VLLAR/PENSION FRAUD CRONIES: With ZD blog viewership way up, re-posted all the PensionGate posts. Views (exposure) went through ROOF! about 10 hours ago
  • I'm not suggesting Orange County officials read ZD's pre-recession warnings on how to avoid $ crisis, but I'm saying they DID those things. about 10 hours ago
  • ORANGE COUNTY did the things ZD was preaching in '06, to avoid recession-based budget meltdown, WITHSTOOD hard times and INCREASES spending. about 10 hours ago
  • TALKRADIO: What would you say if LA lost BILLIONS in pension money, crippling LA, @ hands of Villar crony-appointees, now in prison 4 fraud? about 10 hours ago
  • AEG Stadium: Give it all away to AEG, City ALWAYS gets stiffed on loans/never paid back, City gets nada, Team sucks, BIG loser, team leaves. about 10 hours ago
  • WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG with John&Ken, RonKaye, KevinJames, MayorSam:? BILLIONS IN PENSION MONEY LOST TO FRAUD. Villar's appointees in JAIL! about 10 hours ago
  • Not an issue to OTHER bloggers/talk hosts? But BILLIONS lost in pension $ by Villar appointees, who plead guilty/are in prison is BIG DEAL! about 10 hours ago
  • @SylviaARobles=ZD's FAVORITE twitter pal, today! Notices ZD used "moron" before Gov Brown and notices ZD pension posts! Check her out! about 11 hours ago
  • Can only IMAGINE the PENSION CORRUPTION w LAUSD's pension fund. Is that CalSTRS? BIG FEDERAL INVESTIGATION into California Pensions. Part? about 21 hours ago
  • NOT A SPONSORED AD: Need a good subcontractor? Frank Londono Construction/Van Nuys! about 21 hours ago
  • JANICE "CON" HAHN wants your vote, just doesn't want to tell you why. REFUSED to appear on radio debate vs opponent. CAN'T CONFRONT RECORD! about 21 hours ago
  • Welcome to Like a soap opera on L.A. City Hall/Corruption, featuring ZD. Like "General Hospital featuring Noah Drake. about 21 hours ago
  • L.A. City Council Agenda Items (6/28/11): $20 MILLION for Gang Reduction Services Out of… about 22 hours ago
  • GOOD MORNING, LOS ANGELES: I said Mon., "MUST STOP BLOGGING." But some supporters swooped in w/support earmarked for ZD to blog! Fine w/me! about 23 hours ago
  • Due to the fact #LAPD has been more responsive to my Venice compliance demands (w/help from Bil R.) will try not to call you such bad names! about 23 hours ago
  • VIDEO: Venice High School Centennial 2011 Parade. @TonyVera says this is the fave vid he shot, video, all year. about 23 hours ago
  • Check out today's L.A. City News Update for 6/28 and see if you find all that on any other lazy-ass, hot air blog? about 23 hours ago
  • 6/28/11 - AEG Tim Lewikie Speaks on NFL Stadium Plans, Janice Hahn Campaign Videos (UGH… about 23 hours ago

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