Friday, June 24, 2011

Nothing More Taxing On A Human Than Being All Revved Up...

nothing of value here. that's obvious. when someone is generating a valuable effort, the universe responds. and if you have to take herbal sleeping pills to sleep the day away cause you are broke, alone and too hungry and physically beat to get on your bike to pedal where you need to be...and all you can do is take some sleeping pills and go back to sleep, that is the sign that you the universe is done with you and you may as well drop dead, now, cause nothings EVER gonna shake loose. And it's gonna be worse, tomorrow...and then the next day. I NEED A FUCKING BREAK, MAN! I NEED SOME FUCKING RELIEF! I AIN'T CUTTING IT ON A BIKE WITH NO CASH TO FUEL THE DRIVER. I NEED TO JUST BE DEAD ALREADY. IF I WAS DOING ANYTHING VALUABLE, THE UNIVERSE RESPONDS WITH ENOUGH FOOD TO NOT HAVE TO THINK ABOUT KILLING YOURSELF, EVERY DAY, OVER SHEER ECONOMICS. The fact that I am in this situation today, means my blogging and entire ZUMA DOGG effort aint' worth SHIT. It ain't worth enough to save your life. HOPE YOU ENJOYED YOUR EXPERIENCE, TODAY, AT LA CITY NEWS! At least you know the ONLY THING ON MY MIND...EVERY FUCKING SECOND. YEAH, maybe I'll blog about an election or some issue concerning YOU. Then maybe I'll make some calls, do some investigating, send some emails, take all the heat...AND THEN HOPE TO JUST BE DEAD, ALREADY, OVER BEING TOO BROKE TO FUNCTION. YEAH, MAYBE THAT'S WHAT I CAN DO, TODAY! MAYBE ONE MORE BLOG POST AND IT WILL ALL FALL IN PLACE AND THE OFFERS WILL COME POURING IN. AND I'LL END ONE FUCKING DAY WITHOUT IT BEING A MISERABLE, NIGHTMARE, BEING TOO SCARED TO GO TO SLEEP AND STAYING UP TILL 4AM, CAUSE YOU DON'T WANT THE NEXT DAY TO START. YEAH, LET ME DO THAT! GONNA START, NOW!

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