Tuesday, June 28, 2011

L.A. City Council Agenda Items (6/28/11): $20 MILLION for Gang Reduction Services Out of "General Fund" & Olvera Street "Merchant Agreement "

The Fiscal Impact Report Says: "No Impact!" I think $20 million out of the general fund has TREMENDOUS impact, no matter how you spin it. (And I can't wait to hear.) Here's an item you may have missed from today's agenda, cause it's on a "supplemental" agenda. You know, the ones they create when they wanna bamboozle something under the radar, and hopefully, out of your attention. HERE'S SOME ATTENTION!

Click here for BOTH Items: Items for Which Public Hearings Have Not Been Held - Items 57-60 (10 Votes Required for Consideration)

ITEM NO. (57)
COMMUNICATION FROM THE CITY ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER (CAO) relative to various actions concerning the Fiscal Year (FY) 2011-12 Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) Program. (ZD: This needs further scrutiny from someone OTHER than Tony Cardenas, Janice Hahn and Antonio Villaragiosa.)

FOX 11 NEWS REPORT ON L.A. GRYD Money & Janice Hahn:

ITEM NO. (59)
11-0449-S1 CONTINUED CONSIDERATION OF MOTION (PARKS for HUIZAR - LABONGE) relative to clarifying certain issues to the Olvera Street Merchant Concession Agreement. [Was Brown Act violations, galore, on Friday. This needs to be started from scratch, not CONTINUED RECONSIDERATION (picked up where we left off). The D.A. has the complaint filed by Mr. Dogg. I guess City Council is gonna take their chances.

ZD Blog Post On This Item From Friday: L.A. City Council Agenda Item: Pueblo & Olvera Street "Merchant Agreement" - Emergency "Special 23" Motion (NO Public Notice) See Council Video Here!

WATCH MEETING LIVE HERE. (Meeting starts at 10am. They could take these items, anytime.)

L.A. City News for Tuesday, June 28, 2011: 6/28/11 - AEG Tim Lewikie Speaks on NFL Stadium Plans, Janice Hahn Campaign Videos (UGH!), Carmen Trutanich Un-Tru Comments & FIRE CHIEF "RETIRES!"

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