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L.A. City News (6/22/11): Zuma Dogg Tweets THE TRUTH About Los Angeles County Democratic Party (Fooling SOME of the People ALL of the Time!)

Why Zuma Dogg decided to unleash on the Los Angeles County Democratic Party will unfold in the course of the tweets below. But here's the initial post, from yesterday, that triggered it. L.A. County Democrapic Party (of Losers) Sends Letter "DEMANDING APOLOGY" for Janice Hahn Hip Hop Video (You Crybaby Losers Have OUTDONE Yourselves.)

As someone who has fought for the rights of the low-income, poor people, without a voice at city hall, on a day to day basis -- I finally want to inform these people, that they are being BAMBOOZLED by the L.A. County Democrats who CLAIM to be supporting them/looking out for their community's best interest against those mean, old OTHER people!

BECAUSE HERE IS THE GAME PLAN IF YOU ARE AN L.A. COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY ELECTED OFFICIAL. Let me quote CA State Assemblyman Kevin DeLeon, who had a group of cronies assembled in a room, one day, that Zuma Dogg was not necessarily supposed to be attending, but since it was a STATE ASSEMBLYMAN, you can't keep members of the public out of the meeting. "There are huge pots of money on the table. We need to take as much of that pot of the table." - Kevin DeLeon.

The way you get the biggest pot on the table, is through having the biggest number of people in your district. So that's admirable to fight for as much of the money, for the people of your district, as possible.

But then, you hear the FBI is investigating L.A. County Democrats at L.A. City Hall for things like affordable housing schemes. You hear on TV news reports the L.A. County Democratic elected officials are taking personal trips, fancy dinners and lavishing themselves in extravagances with the money earmarked for the people they are claiming to represent and whose votes they are asking for.

More below, and more to come. Cause Janice Hahn sickens me so much, it spilled over to the entire party. And what a bunch of FBI investigated, money-pilfering, extravagant lavishing with the people's money, phonies, they are, at the expense of the people who can only put their hopes, dreams and lives into the hands of the Democratic party, by voting for these L.A. County Democrats. Then L.A. County Democratic elected hands, hand it all off to cronies through elaborate fraud and abuse schemes. (David Cooperfield is jealous! You are better at making things disappear than HE is.)

Zuma Tweets

  • L.A. Democrats CLAIM to be compassionate, after building luxury housing, raising fees, pilfering non-profit $ and losing BILLIONS in fraud. less than a minute ago
  • Wetherly Capital, L.A. Democrats BIGGEST fundraisers were appointed by Villaraigosa as pension commissioners. Now in prison or took deals. 3 minutes ago
  • Biggest L.A. Democratic Party fundraisers WERE Wetherly Capital. Villar appointed them pension commissioners. City lost BILLIONS in fraud. 5 minutes ago
  • Hear of L.A. Democratic fundraisers "Wetherly Capital?" Villaragiosa even appointed some as commissioners. Some took deals/some in prison. 12 minutes ago
  • HI! I'm an L.A. County Democrat. Vote for me (wink-wink) and I'll vote the money for your community. (Except $ is pilfered before U see it.) 17 minutes ago
  • L.A. Democrats: Supposed to be "pro-people!" But if FBI is investigating @Villaraigosa's City Hall, the pilfered money was for the people! 19 minutes ago
  • FBI is investigating L.A. Democrat @Villaraiogsa's City Hall "far & wide" as needed. Not for ADDING money to general fund. For PILFERING it. 22 minutes ago
  • COMPASSION?: What did L.A. Democrats vote to do with state $ for seniors/disabled/single moms/vets? (Gave $ to downtown developer for mall.) 27 minutes ago
  • Poor people think L.A. Democrats SUPPORT THEM: But Villar's low-income housing dept was BUSTED for fancy trips/VIP meals on HUD housing $$$! 30 minutes ago
  • Poor people think L.A. Democrats SUPPORT them. But the FBI is investigating affordable housing money use for councilman's house. ($ was 4U!) 34 minutes ago
  • L.A County Democrats (Supes/Council) voted to take the redevelopment money from low-income areas & transfer to Eli Broad's Grand Ave Projct. 41 minutes ago
  • MAKE NO MISTAKE, YOU NAIVE LOW-INCOME, BLIND L.A.DEMOCRAT SUPPORTERS: You are mere props to boost the Fed money allotted, that THEY PILFER! 44 minutes ago
  • NO OFFENSE: #ZumaDogg would probably support LA Democratic Party more, but it's a PHONY bunch that DOES NOT deliver the compassion promised. 45 minutes ago
  • California Democrats orchestrated an elaborate pension fraud scheme, resulting in BILLIONS LOST! NOW, low-income residents are seeing cuts. 46 minutes ago
  • Low-income folks vote for L.A. Democrats under guise; more money for non-profits. Then news reports, executives pilfered money for jet skis. 49 minutes ago
  • These naive low-income residents vote for L.A. Democrats, then the news reports low-income housing dept abuses the system for personal gain. 53 minutes ago
  • It's very compassionate of Janice Hahn/LA Democrats to vote $ for low-income folks, but they pilfer the $ and folks never get the services. 55 minutes ago
  • After #ZumaDogg sued L.A. over FEDERAL 1st Amendment violations, ANY ONE/people across U.S. may now use ruling to protect their free speech! 59 minutes ago
  • When L.A. enforced ILLEGAL laws @VeniceBeach VIOLATING 1st Amendment/U.S. Constitution, #ZumaDogg SUED in FEDERAL court & WON! Laws tossed! about an hour ago
  • Quality Mngmt: NO QUOTAS/MNGMT BY FEAR! "Balance the budget by (date) or don't get paid," means OF COURSE you will finish: DEFECTIVE or not. about an hour ago
  • Quality Mngmt says you cannot base if someone gets paid, or not, based on if they finish job on deadline. OF COURSE THEY WILL. (Unbalanced!) about an hour ago
  • RT @FilmLadd - Here's @Zumadogg's interview with me from last night on youTube: about an hour ago
  • RT @MyMoonShadow: Everybody in #LosAngeles or interested in #LosAngeles should be following @ZumaDogg. (Official blog) about an hour ago
  • RT @TheBagWithADD: i am kinda stoked, just found out @zumadogg RT my shoutout....if you dont know who zuma dogg is, you live a sad life. about an hour ago
  • RT @lordtiberius: @zumadogg is an American badass and a California treasure.He should lead the Cali GOP. (Thnx! Means a lot from Iraq Vet!) about an hour ago
  • RT @lordtiberius: @RogerHedgecock @craighuey Are you covering how @zumadogg & RightTurnUSA are exposing Janice Hahn as gang banging enabler? about an hour ago
  • MEDIA GOT IT WRONG, DAVID Z/LATIMES got it RIGHT: Council DID NOT VOTE on Red Light Cameras. Neither side had 8 votes. Will take up on Wed. about an hour ago
  • NOT OVER YET: Council did NOT vote on Red Light Cameras, Tues. Neither side had enough (8) votes. Will come up again on Wed. Watch Cardenas! about an hour ago
  • Charter Schools in Scandal Stay Open: Six Los Angeles charter schools have been allowed to remain open because o... about an hour ago
  • DAMN! @MayorSam always DID say that no dignity-sissy, Assemblyman Mike "PUSSY" Gatto was a crybaby, but WHO KNEW to THIS extent. STFU, MIKE! about 5 hours ago
  • JOHN & KEN HAMMERING #JaniceHahn on KFI. REMEMBER: DO NOT VOTE FOR JANICE HAHN. (Public safety issue.) about 5 hours ago
  • NEW: 36th Congressional Election Website: ( - Hahn Got Me Out (Text… about 5 hours ago
  • NEW WEBSITE: Hahn Got Me about 6 hours ago
  • #JaniceHahn/LA Democraps: BANKRUPT the City, cut vital services and under FBI investigation. Wants apology for YouTube rap video. "L"OSERS! about 10 hours ago
  • #JANICE HAHN's DEMOCRATIC L.A. CITY HALL under FBI probe going "high and wide" as possible, but SHE is worried about a YouTube rap video. about 10 hours ago
  • RT @kiradavis422: @zumadogg Yipppeeee!!! I hope they never get that thing passed, just so they can c what it feels like to have no money! about 10 hours ago
  • California Controller halts pay for state lawmakers, saying budget was not balanced… about 10 hours ago
  • VILLARAIOGSA SENILE!: "Meeting my budget team to thank them for their hard work writing a balanced budget." (AV, hate to break it to you...) about 10 hours ago
  • Now, the WHOLE WORLD knows California doesn't have a balanced budget & lawmakers are clowns. You can NEVER base pay on rushing/getting done. about 10 hours ago
  • Controller John Chiang decides CA lawmakers didn't meet their constitutional duties in passing a state budget and will withhold their pay. about 10 hours ago
  • #BREAKING: California Controller John Chiang halts pay for state lawmakers, saying budget was not balanced. (Should Brown's be halted, too?) about 10 hours ago
  • MAIN point to the new ZD readers: I've never hammered L.A. Democrats on POLITICS/PARTY, just municipal performance. NOW, I'm gonna link 'em! about 10 hours ago
  • FYI: ALWAYS been independent/don't relate to Dem or Repub nutty/personal politics. But saying, "ZD=Indie" doesn't tweak Dems. REPUB=RUBS IN! about 10 hours ago
  • RT @angelfleming: 1 election cycle & ZD will leave nutless republican party to be independent. (Not really Repub, just tweaking City Hall!) about 10 hours ago
  • City Hall Democrats have been LUCKY! ZD's never BEEN political. But, NOW I am cause you had DEMOCRAPIC PARTY LAWYERS jump in, on Hahn video. about 11 hours ago
  • L.A. Democrats want to "get political" w/ZD? I LIKE that Hahn rap video. Was about HER, not Democrap party. If Bowen was running=NO VIDEO. about 11 hours ago
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