Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd BANNED for 30 Days for Free Speech @ L.A. City Council Meeting (SEE VIDEO HERE)

Here's Zuma Dogg's public comment for today, followed by Matt Dowd. Matt used the term, "Fuckin' inept," in his description of council/Tom LaBong's performance as elected officials. So Grieg Smith, the biggest sissy of a pussy coward in council history, in the book of Zuma Dogg (WRONG ACROSS THE BOARD, IN EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE REGARDING THE FUTURE OF THE CITY AND THE BUDGET) -- had to violate Mr. Dowd's 1st Amendment Right by cutting him off and banning him for 30 days. (A BIG $NO$, $NO$.)

THEN, Zuma Dogg got a 30 day ban, too, although I think they may have made a few errors, there, too...so I won't comment beyond, it appears as though Mr. Sissy-Smith banned Zuma Dogg for 30 days, too. DAMN, this is getting expensive for the city. Here's the video.

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