Saturday, June 18, 2011

Zuma Dogg Tweets the TRUTH about LAPD (City Hall's Shakedown/Thug Squad) and MORE about Venice Beach Pacific Division (Y'all Better Check Yo Self...)

On a beautiful Saturday, in June, all I can do is have outrageous bipolar reflections on how I should be out on Venice Beach boardwalk, performing for donations that would sustain me for a couple days. But, unfortunately, I suffer from a disorder called, "LAPD" and the symptoms are targeted harassment and selective enforcement against Zuma Dogg. So here are some things I'm thinking about the bunch of emotionally-damaged, psychologically-weak, lazy, fat-ass, drive around all shift and eat donuts -- until the last hour of your shift -- then find some bullshit to write someone up on -- so the report writing takes you into overtime, loser, full of shit, bitch-asses. (Aka: LAPD Aka: L.A's 3rd and most notorious gang. Aka: Villaraiogsa's organized crime ring enforcement thugs.) AND, Y'ALL BEST READ UP, CAUSE I HEAR Y'ALL GOT YOUR ASSES BEAT DOWN, HARD, BY A MOB AT VENICE BEACH, RECENTLY; AND YOUR COPS WERE SCREAMIN' ON THEIR WALKIE TALKIES FOR EMERGENCY BACK-UP! (Of course, by the time it gets there, who KNOWS what could happen?) I think LAPD is getting a little too arrogant for their ignorance and the people only take so much. Just like a puppy, horse or child: They all inherently understand and will respect discipline and a point. But when the puppy, horse of child thinks the authority is out of line, themselves and abusing the will usually see backlash in the form of the dog biting or the baby kicking and screaming. Or in an angry mobs' case...beat your ass down, like they just did. So y'all better evaluate peaceful environments you enter to cause hostile, disruptive and recently explosive and dangerous situation. DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DO THAT? DO YOU NEED SOME TRAINING ON THAT? Cause I know we need to reduce LAPD salary roster and pension benefits, but not that way. CHECK YO SELF, BEFORE YOU WRECK YO SELF? And now, here's the start of the tweets, bitch:

Zuma Tweets

  • #LAPD wonders, "How does ZD always catch this stuff? He must be walkin' around all the time." I don't HAVE to be out there. People tell me. about a minute ago
  • #LAPD better take the BULLSHIT out of their mouth and just HANDLE the shit I call in to them. Cause I blast you on TV and you do it, anyway. 3 minutes ago
  • LAPD better start listening to Obama and say, "Yes, We CAN," when ZD requests non-compliance to be handled. You're 0 for 3 against me on TV. 5 minutes ago
  • When Venice Council participants get miffed cause ZD gets stuff done W/OUT meetings; not like I pay people off. Excuse me. Empower yourSELF! 8 minutes ago
  • To update last week's story. After Villar said, "Don't bother HIS PEOPLE" at Venice, on illegal food vending, Zuma Dogg had 'em cleared out. 27 minutes ago
  • NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL LOSERS: ZD had ENOUGH illegal food vendors @Venice. Blogged it on Sat=Gone on Sun. Spoke @LAPD meeting/Tues=STILL GONE! 28 minutes ago
  • LAPD=FULL OF SHIT: Told ZD can't catch illegal food vendors @Venice. So I blast LAPD on TV. NO MORE FOOD VENDORS! So you WERE full of shit! 33 minutes ago
  • LAPD=FULL OF SHIT: You talked a lot of BULLSHIT over Venice Beach anti-ZD rules. You were SO sure, but LOST YOUR ASS IN FED COURT TO ZD! LOL 36 minutes ago
  • LAPD=FULL OF SHIT: Said couldn't do a THING about "no amp" signs still posted after FED ruling. ZD blasted LAPD on TV. Signs down, next day. 38 minutes ago
  • #LAPD DAY: Drive around all shift and eat donuts until final hour. Then bust some guy for bullshit. Writing report takes you into overtime. about an hour ago
  • For years, on Saturday @ this time, I'd be performing at Venice Beach making donations to live on. But #LAPD continues to violate my rights. about an hour ago
  • NAIVE: When I became a gadfly, had respect for LAPD as defender of public safety. Now I see they're just Villar's organized crime enforcers. about an hour ago
  • #LAPD is no longer a legitimate organization to enforce public safety, but merely L.A.'s 3rd gang. Bloods/Crips/Villar's #LAPD organized crime protecting bully squad. about an hour
  • #LAPD: People will only take SO MUCH of your ignorant bullshit before it's just "mano y mano" and your getting asses POUNDED by the crowd. (YOU ALREADY DID!) hour ago
  • #LAPD better check they attitude on the QUICKNESS: They got ASSES BEAT by Venice mob, recently. Screaming into talkies for emergency backup. about an hour ago
  • NOTICE TO #LAPD: I should be on the beach performing today. If you EVER see me, keep walking or you might be fighting another flash mob, bitch! about an hour ago
  • There is no value in anything I do, or I wouldn't be too broke to prevent a bipolar chemical outrage today and wouldn't be alone and stuck. about 2 hours ago
  • I DO NOT NEED PEOPLE CALLING/EMAILING TO SEE HOW I AM. How I am is, so broke I can't mitigate my bipolar chemical condition and hope to die. about 2 hours ago
  • People have know me for years, so they judge me based on the past, not realizing I have had a SERIOUS malfunction and am severely damaged. about 2 hours ago
  • I think the biopic of Councilman Tony Cardenas ends up with a Federal jail sentence. This guy is WORST NEWS in Council. He's getting sloppy. about 2 hours ago
  • ZD'S COMEDY CORNER: Anyone have a gun I can borrow? Just need to use it for a second, then you can pick it up off floor and take it back. about 2 hours ago
  • The only thing lonelier than Maytag repair man, is ZD's PayPal link. That's o.k., a bunch of people will tell me I'm their hero and awesome. about 11 hours ago
  • Zuma Dogg Tweets For 6/18/11 - L.A. about 11 hours ago

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