Sunday, July 3, 2011

Villar on "Face The Nation," Venice Beach (Merely A Flea Market) & Did Wendy Greuel Give Ben Golombek "The Boot" For Using "Gold Card" Favor For Mom?

A lot of pictures from Venice Beach, for July 4th Weekend. Click the link when you see, "twitpic" link for the pic. Also, since slow holiday news Sunday, posted links to some "Best of L.A. City News," to catch up on. ZD's municipal homework, to prepare you for Tuesday's breaking news. [Pictured: A good son, and LOUSY "Top Aide" To Wendy Greuel for using investigated "Gold Card" ticket dismissal program for his mom. Wendy don't like that kinda stink around her, so she fumigated the office of him, cause he ain't there, anymore - Ben "Glenbek" Golombek.]

Here's the part about BEN GOLOMBEK: (Ben didn't realize I was able to trace back who posted a bunch of political operative spin on Zuma Dogg. Otherwise, probably wouldn't have realized to post this. But Ben jumped up and down to put himself on ZD's radar. And just so you know who we are dealing with, Ben is pals with Mike Trujillo. (DON'T dispute it, guys. We all know that I know.) So here's the deal: A few months ago, Ben Golombek (but so dumb, I'm calling him "Ben Glenbek"), QUITS his position as Wendy Greuel's long-time "Top Aide" (to quote L.A. Times.) Aka: Top Political Operative. Aka: Was with her when she was Councilmember, helped her win controller -- and was poised to help her win Mayor...BUT...Ben quits to go help Filipe Funtes run for some office. (Wendy HATED Fuentes, over Verduga Hills Golf Course, and Wendy used to have her staffer rat out the bat stuff about the project to Zuma Dogg inside council chambers. SO NOW HER TOP GUY RUNS OUT THE DOOR TO GO WORK FOR FUENTES?

NOW, with FBI investigations in City Hall, and allegedly into this Gold Card program, perhaps Greuel, PUSHED Ben out of City Hall, he took the first gig he could grab onto with his smiley, paid political mercenary distance herself from THIS article, she knew would be coming out, and then re-posted on L.A. City News by Zuma Dogg. (Can't fight fate, Wendy!) And Wendy TRULY IS the Helen Keller, deaf, dumb and blind, dummy I always said she was. EVERYONE in City Hall, including her "TOP AIDE" knew about the Gold Card program, except Wendy. (Poor gal.)

OFFICIAL TWEET: Wendy Greuel's "TOP AIDE" #BenGolombek BUSTED using Gold Card ticket dismissal, FOR HIS MOM: (Did Wendy push him out?)

AND GIVE ME A BREAK: How shameless can this punk in elevator shoes be? He's done everything he's accusing everyone else of doing on CBS, "Face The Nation." I didn't watch the video, but does Bob Schieffer ask Antonio Villaraigosa if he is nervous the FBI said their investigation into L.A. City Hall will go, "as high and wide as needed," when is the "as high," as it gets at L.A. City Hall, is HIM, since he is mayor? If this trouble-making, municipal-decimating, punk doesn't shut up, Obama's gonna have his press secretary pull the mini-mascot's plug. (Bad enough Obama won't even let the mayor on stage with him, or be photographed with him.) So here's the biggest loser in municipal history, on his farewell media tour. (Next one, he's gonna be DODGING the cameras and reports for the first time. Hopefully, they'll let him wear the handcuffs IN FRONT and let him cover it with a raincoat.)

VIDEO: Sorry to "ugly up" your holiday weekend with this shockingly sunken-face, loser. His face is aging worse than Sylvester Stallone's (Stressed much?)

Zuma Tweets

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  • EVENTUALLY, hopefully in 2011: L.A. to eventually settle ZD on his FED lawsuit, THEY LOST & ZD will be moving out of L.A. City, next day. about 3 hours ago
  • As I sit inside on July 4th Wknd, instead of performing @VeniceBeach, cause cops can't get rid of ILLEGAL VENDORS, WILL EXPOSE LAPD ON BLOG. about 4 hours ago
  • L.A. forced me to become a municipal compliance legal excerpt when they busted me for nutty crap that turned out to be THEIR FED violations! about 4 hours ago
  • VENICE BOARDWALK SHOPPER ALERT: All performers spaces now filled w illegal vendors. PERFECT for shopping! Quiet, to ask retailers questions! about 6 hours ago
  • If LAPD would like to retain my consulting services, I'll show them how to tell if someone is illegally vending. about 6 hours ago
  • Although "donation only" zone, cops tell ZD they don't know how to enforce commercial sales? 99 cent sign=a sign! about 6 hours ago
  • Zuma Dogg NO LONGER can perform on Venice Beach cause spaces taken @ 5am by commercial vendors. DONATIONS ONLY! about 6 hours ago
  • No room for ZD to perform at Venice walk. Spaces taken by knife-carrying, commercial vendors that LAPD won't bust. about 6 hours ago
  • VENICE has BIGGEST, BEST .99 cent store/flea market/counterfeit downtown merchandise mall in U.S.A. VENICE BOARDWALK! Credit cards accepted! about 6 hours ago
  • Little boy wipes out on Venice bike path trying to avoid wild cowboy LAPD cops on motorized bikes. (Scenario view) about 7 hours ago
  • CRIME SCENE?: What happens when kids are let loose on beach like wild cowboys. Their motor-bikes cause accidents. about 7 hours ago
  • Boy wipes out trying to avoid LAPD, crossing bike path, on motorized vehicles. Cop warns boy, "Be more careful!" about 7 hours ago
  • EVIDENCE: Boy wipes out on Venice bike path as LAPD crosses bike path on motorized vehicles. Parents not happy! about 7 hours ago
  • When @DennisZine/@CarmenTrutanich/@WendyGreuel were NICER to ZD, in past, signed up twitter under their names, so nefarious folks couldn't. about 7 hours ago
  • OOPS: I mean #WendyGreuel, not @WendyGreuel. Mayoral Candidate Wendy Greuel doesn't own @WendyGreuel account, @ZumaDogg does. LOL! Sorry. about 7 hours ago
  • I wonder if @WendyGreuel pushed long-time, TOP aid/operative #BenGolombek out the door because he used GOLD CARD program favor for HIS MOM! about 7 hours ago
  • HEY, #Greuel's #BenGolombek: It's all a big joke, right? Who's having last laugh now, BITCH! You're BUSTED using GOLD CARD for YOUR MOMMY!?! about 7 hours ago
  • @EricGarcetti, Here's a good laugh: #BenGolombek=busted for GOLD CARD! : Ben's the one who tipped me to your shady Cisnernos relationship! about 7 hours ago
  • Look at this injured bikers ankle and all the cops/paramedics cause DUMB, MORONIC PEOPLE MUST WALK ON BIKE PATH. about 8 hours ago
  • MORONS, Don't walk on bike path. It is for bikes. Wanna walk? Use board-WALK! Here is biker who wiped out. Cops=$ about 8 hours ago
  • LAPD, I didn't think it was necessary to mention, but can you please tell DUMB MORONS, the bike path is for BIKES, the boardWALK is to WALK! about 8 hours ago
  • PEOPLE ARE SO DUMB I AM SICKENED BY THEM: WHY, WHY, WHY do DUMB people have to WALK on Venice Bike Path? There is a boardWALK, morons! LAPD? about 8 hours
  • Welcome to, late Sat Nite Update. @Venice311 comedy/tragedy re-tweets & new LA City Hall MEGA-SHADY post by #ZumaDogg. about 19 hours ago
  • RT @Venice311: A guy with puppies in a closed cooler. They are dehydrated and sick. (LOOK, LAPD opening eyes!) about 19 hours ago
  • Venice311: LAPD Scanner: A guy is angry/letting it be known to passers by on OceanFrontWalk. (Autsin Powers Voice: That's not MEEEEE, baby!) about 19 hours ago
  • RT @Venice311: If you r convicted of driving under influence, will likely pay about $10,000 in fines & penalties.(Little Ms. Life of Party!) about 19 hours ago
  • RT @Venice311/LAPD Audio: Dude FREAKING OUT on drugs in background on ambulance call. (Where's the reality show, y'all?) about 19 hours ago
  • BREAKING:Zuma Dogg's - L.A. City "Mega-Master Shady Report" (ALL BLOG POSTS COVERING TOP L.A… about 22 hours ago
  • Riordan ponders decision to give LA loan @ super-low rate due to city proclaimed "turnaround." If LA goes bust, Wall St corruption=EXPOSED! about 23 hours ago
  • Wall St BETTER of given LA that $1 billion loan @ historic-low rate to save LA's ass, or Wall St corruption that caused it would be exposed! about 23 hours ago
  • If D.C. FBI, says, "going as far and wide as needed," when investigating L.A. City Hall, I guess that means HEAD of City Hall, too? Villar? about 23 hours ago
  • L.A. City get's $1.3 billion loan at historic-low interest rate after convincing Wall St of city's, and I quote, "turnaround story." (When?) about 23 hours ago
  • ZD saw some bikers wipe out on bike path w/2 LAPD 3-wheel motorbikes on scene. THOUGHT was to settle dispute, but LAPD motorbikes CAUSED it. 1 day ago
  • Maybe #LAPD Pacific doesn't want to hurt his feelings, but new guy on Rose w/fruit cart & fruit boxes lined up on sidewalk IN FRONT OF HOME! 1 day ago
  • #LAPD: HOW MANY TIMES did you drive past NEW FULL SIZED FOOD VENDOR CART on Rose Ave (Venice) set up in front of someone's home, today? DOH! 1 day ago
  • L.A. has a problem, now. ZD has had E-NOUGH of illegal vending. AND, while I was taking pics, saw LAPD collide w kid on bike on BIKE PATH! 1 day ago
  • WHEN ZD feels City let things get out of hand & has had enough, they got a problem. KTLA wants to use pics of illegal vendors @Venice, now. 1 day ago
  • LAPD crossing BEACH Bike Path on 3-wheel motorbikes cause small boy to crash. Cops help boy, then warn, "be more careful." (Was BIKE path!) 1 day ago
  • After walking outside on nice July4 wknd day, only to walk back in to tweet bitterly all day, CLEARLY dealing w/Post Venice Gadfly Syndrome. 1 day ago
  • More draining than email, but effective: If you yell on Council TV35, "City Hall is money-laundering, racketeering factory!," FBI will come! 1 day ago
  • RT @MyMoonShadow: ZD, if peeps would take down yard sales signs after sale is over, would be great. (ZD: Hell yeah. Makes it WAY worse.) 1 day ago
  • Villar knows the kind of people he made all those big money campaign promises to and knows what happens when you can't deliver, hence=wall. 1 day ago
  • Villaraigosa did not piss off his upscale community to build 6ft wall around home cause he's worried about some random vagrant breaking in. 1 day ago
  • @Villaraigosa: Mr. "Successful" Mayor. Did such a "successful" job, had to bend every zoning rule in Charter to build 6 ft wall around home. 1 day ago
  • We KNOW L.A. is town of broke-ass people needing to do yard sales. But PLEASE use CraigsList. Crappy signs posted all over, like Vegas neon. 1 day ago
  • MOTTO: We KNOW L.A. is safe-haven for illegal food cart vendors. But don't block the sidewalks, causing people to have to step into street. 1 day ago
  • We KNOW L.A. is home of wide grocery trucks. But don't double park your giant truck on streets. Cars/bikes have to swerve around/accidents. 1 day ago
  • MOTTO: We KNOW LA is home to illegal food cart vendors. But don't double park your giant truck on streets. Cars/bikes have to swerve around. 1 day ago
  • Motto of the story: We KNOW LA is home to passed out drunks @11a all over city, now. But do it on a side street, NOT WHOLE FOODS court area. 1 day ago
  • Welcome to L.A.: Went to nice Whole Foods/Venice to see parents stroll/walk kids past/over passed-out drunk in private mall walkway to cars. 1 day ago
  • (cont) 1st of all, he was so drunk, when I tried to wake him, to move, no response/had to get security. And why on private Whole Foods area? 1 day ago
  • RT @mayorsam: RT @CraigHuey, Can you volunteer to make calls or go on walks? #CD36 [ZD: PLEASE HELP. #HAHN MUST LOSE!] 1 day ago
  • City Hall better start thinking about what's gonna happen when Zuma Dogg walks into chambers and starts blasting today's tweets, LIVE on TV. 1 day ago
  • Over past 5 yrs,ZD fought SO HARD for low of income folks w/no voice at City Hall, local councilman thought I had personal vendetta for him. 1 day ago
  • ZD has been SWAMPED @ East L.A. meetings to thank him for fighting on behalf of their issues. Doesn't mean I support whacked-out criminals. 1 day ago
  • Over past 5 yrs have spoken on many issues at request of lowest of income, non-citizens of L.A. Doesn't mean I support/like drunk criminals. 1 day ago
  • L.A. can SAY performers/artists can set up on boardwalk, but when you allow illegal vendors, they fill spaces at 5am, and THEY carry knives. 1 day ago
  • HISTORIC PERSPECTIVE: If you crack down on vibrant performers @ Venice Beach, replacing them w $1 crap vendors, who shows up for $1 crap? 1 day ago
  • I'm mourning the loss of my 20 year relationship w Venice Boardwalk. Once you cracked down on performers over illegal vendors, it was OVER. 1 day ago
  • RT @mayorsam: RT @CraigHuey, Can you volunteer to make calls or go on walks? #CD36 [ZD: PLEASE HELP. #HAHN MUST LOSE!] 1 day ago
  • "Diversity" means contributing to melting pot of society w your cultural infusion. Being drunk, no job, on parole, w/6 drop-out kids, isn't. 1 day ago
  • I'd be on boardwalk, performing, right now, instead of tweeting, but no space cause illegal vendors fill spaces @ 5am and THEY carry knives! 1 day ago
  • LA reminds you, NO LAFD stations are closing. Only reducing service via manipulations. And if you can't repair vehicles, WORSE than closure. 1 day ago
  • GET READY, ANGELINOS: New city budget started July 1. To save money, cops can bank overtime, then take time off. Means LESS cops on street. 1 day ago
  • Wait until you see what happens to LA City, starting now, and more so, next year. July 1 started NEW city budget year. Aka: House of Cards. 1 day ago
  • OH YEAH, after all the BULLSH*T ZD endured at hands of LA City, and as I look around today, I'm going, "THERE." Sorry, I'm feelin' it, now. 1 day ago
  • Remember, Zuma Dogg: LAPD harassed you for years, right off the boardwalk, while they walked past illegal food vendors, blocking sidewalk. 1 day ago
  • REMEMBER: LAPD is there to write YOU a ticket for BIG MONEY, while they walk past drunk sleeping on sidewalk parents must stroll kid around. 1 day ago
  • After ZD took walk up Rose Ave in Venice and sees what city allows, while cracking down on ZD for FED protected stuff, enjoy tweets below. 1 day ago

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