Thursday, July 7, 2011

AUDIO: L.A. City Council Discusses "Brown Act During AD HOC Committee Meetings" (Most Contentious, Combative, Befuddled Item I've Ever Seen!)

[PICTURED: Kept his appearance covered up and hidden behind unkempt beard, dark glasses and knit cap for years, so his message didn't get lost in his good looks. But the neighbors were getting scared, so he gave 'em a break.]

I turned on the Los Angeles City Council meeting, yesterday, for some good daytime television comedy, and a HUGE ONE unfolded before my eyes, on LIVE TV. First of all, it was about the Brown Act and how it applies (or doesn't apply) to L.A. City Council AD HOC Committee meetings. I tweeted the outrageously hilarious comments of AlarCON and Cardenas as they were being uttered. Along with how POORLY Dennis Zine ran the item. (BLOWING IT ENTIRELY, ACTUALLY, as will also unfold.) And you had councilmembers getting a little contentious with one and other for the first time, that I have seen, in my five year history. Here are the tweets as they went down. The end of the VOTE did turn into a confusing mess, and ZD says a COMPLETE VIOLATION. (And listen how many times the fact that Janice Hahn was in a hurry to leave, caused the council to rush through this important item. The council president had to remind council, a few times, and the other members mentioned the pressure of being rushed cause of Janice Hahn. WAY TO GO, "CON" HAHN!)

This entire 1 hour 5 minute item is compelling all the way through, except when they jumped to a couple other items WITHIN this item. (But you can scroll through that brief part.) AUDIO: Brown Act During Ad Hoc Meetings

TWEETS ON ITEM 27 (7/6/11): Start from bottom and scroll up to read from start to end.
  • ITEM 27: CANNOT FOLLOW COUNCIL MEETING HE IS CHAIRING AS PRESIDENT: Said he did NOT open/close vote, when CLEARLY on TV it shows he DID. DOH about 20 hours ago
  • Sorry Dennis Zine: You can't say, "clear roll," and continue debate AFTER you say, "close roll, tabulate votes." YOU WANNA BE CONTROLLER? about 20 hours ago
  • DENNIS ZINE WANTS TO BE CONTROLLER: He just asked to, "clear the roll," AFTER he called vote to be tabulated. BIG BROWN ACT PROBLEMAS! about 20 hours ago
  • DENNIS ZINE: You filed paperwork to be controller, today. The term is "vetting," NOT, "venting." Look up the term. Nice job, Curly. about 20 hours ago
  • "Just as a matter of principal we outta say, 'no,' to this motion." (On "Transparency/Requiring Brown Act" on AD HOC Committee Meetings. LOL about 20 hours ago
  • Dear AlarCON & Dumb Cardenas, the problem in saying, "We're ACTING in accordance w/Brown Act," DOES NOT allow REAL complaints to be filed. about 20 hours ago
  • What AlarCON & Cardenas need to understand, saying, "We OPERATE as though it WERE Brown Act," is NOT same as LEGALLY binding by Brown Act. about 20 hours ago
  • SHADY WINS! (of course/as usual): Rosendahl's motion on AD HOC Committee Transparency (Brown Act stuff) "SENT BACK TO COMMITTEE." LOL! 1 day ago
  • HOW IRONIC: After monitoring LA council meetings over 5 yrs, item on AD HOC "Transparency" NEVER MORE CONFUSING, CONTENTIOUS, TANGLED MESS. 1 day ago
  • "Ms. Hahn needs to leave!" Dennis Zine, during contentious, confusing issue on "Transparency." RUSHED cause Janice has to leave. CONFUSION! 1 day ago
  • Where has #EricGarcetti been, lately. Sure has been absent a lot. Check it out. Wonder if FBI is interviewing him/keeping him away/absent? 1 day ago
  • TONYCARDENAS: "We're rushing to speak or not speak, and rushing this though cause a member (#JANICEHAHN) wants to leave." (WE LOSE, JANICE!) 1 day ago
  • TonyCardenas, the guy over the GANG MONEY Ad Hoc committee, pushing AGAINST Rosendahl's Ad Hoc "Transparency" motion. Kreokorian/others FOR! 1 day ago
  • Council Prez asks council to try to limit comments, "because #JaniceHahn has to leave." (City business suffering/her 2nd Campaign in 2011.) 1 day ago
  • LA Councilman Tony Cardenas looks good in a gray suit. Wonder how he looks in an orange jumpsuit. I think we're gonna find out, eventually. 1 day ago
  • "It makes us look like we have something to hide." - Alarcon on AD HOC Cmmte/Brown Act TRANSPARENCY motion. No, Mr. Con, other way around. 1 day ago
  • HEY TONY "FBI" CARDENAS & RICHARD "INDICTED" ALARCON: How did it feel to just be DISMANTLED by Paul Krekorian? YOU 2 NEVER LOOKED WORSE! LOL 1 day ago
  • TONY CARDENAS & RICHARD ALARCON: Your boy Paul Krekorian just SLAYED you, removed ALL your credibility, and TORE YOU TO PIECES, YOU CROOKS! 1 day ago
  • PaulKrekorian HAMMERING Cardeans/Alarcon on being AGAINST "Transparency" motion. "MAKES NO SENSE TO ME AT ALL?" Krekorian (Getting heated!) 1 day ago
  • "I'm a little BAFFLED by all this personal insult. Why is anyone insulted by this?" - Krekorian on Alarcon/Cardenas comments on Rosendahl. 1 day ago
  • "I'm offended by it. It's insulting." Richard Alarcon on Rosenhdalh's "Commitment to Transparency" motion on AEG stadium deal. 1 day ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl introduces, " COMMITMENT TO TRANSPARENCY" motion over AEG meetings. Tony Cardenas calls it "disingenuous/over-the-top." LOL 1 day ago
  • City Council debating whether BROWN ACT applies to AD HOC committees (like AEG/Stadium). Law says NOT required for this "limited" type. 1 day ago

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