Monday, July 4, 2011

BREAKING MUSIC VIDEO: Zuma Dogg - "Villar's Bad Blood" (Elton John Backing Vocals)

Was listening to the 1975  #1 hit, "Bad Blood" by Neil Sedaka with Elton John and as the lyrics unfolded, reminded me of, "You Know Who Mayor!" Here's #1 on K-Earth 101 from Zuma Dogg with Elton John, "Villar's Bad Blood." (The only good thing about bad blood's,  the FBIiiiiiiiiiiiiii!)

(The first line of this song has special meaning to me, since it could have been me, but it was him! (ZD fans know what I mean.) AND, I'm not gonna record it a million times to make it perfect. This is about as good as it's gonna get singin' over YouTube into my camcorder. Now that I know it, it'll sound better, LIVE, on the L.A. City karaoke circuit! (ZD is like KISS...sounds better LIVE than LP.)

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