Monday, July 25, 2011

EXTRA, EXTRA...READ ALL ABOUT IT: City of L.A. releases Ad Hoc Committee Draft Memo on AEG/Downtown Stadium Shenanigans:

The L.A. Times is saying the deal as drafted shifts risks back over to developers, AEG. (Great taste, less filling. Aka: That's what they ALL say.) But I don't wanna walk into Jan Perry's meetings, this week, with any bias. I'll read the dumb, shady memos, FIRST. (I read memos like these on the Grand Avenue Project, one time. HOW'D THAT WORK OUT FOR YA?) The two public meetings (for public comment, too) are Wednesday at 5:30pm at Board of Public Works and Thursday at 5:30pm in Van Nuys (City Hall, I assume.)


Los Angeles Convention Center and Event Center Memorandum of Understanding
Part A | Part B | Part C | Part D

AEG Economic Reports

AEG Event Center Proposal

Letter to Councilman Rosendahl - NOT to send him one. AEG's spin response to his questions.

Link to Full L.A. City Website Page -

PUBLIC NOTICE: Meet Legendary L.A. Icon (Legicon) Zuma Dogg at the meeting, this Wednesday @ 5:30pm at Board of Public Works Building. (Autographs will only be signed on official, licensed Zuma Dogg FEDERALLY PROTECTED T-shirts, CDs & DVDs. I have a WHOLE BUNCH, left over...cause L.A. City violated my Federal, 1st Amendment Rights for FIVE YEARS, and prevented me from selling them, even though I was allowed to. Now, I am on SSI disability, after suffering a terrible streak of homelessness, as a result of the economic damages suffered. And the city CONTINUES to FAIL to provide a safe environment in which to express my 1st Amendment activities -- AS THEY NOTE IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH OF THEIR VENICE BEACH DRAFT ORDINANCE. But that is the NEXT meeting. This is about the ones, Wednesday & Thursday at 5:30pm.)

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