Thursday, July 7, 2011

NEW VIDEO: Fox 11 News SLAYS Janice Hahn and her chances in July 12, 2011 36th Congrerssional Election (DEMOCRATS NEED TO LEARN ABOUT JANICE HAHN!)

NOT GOOD, for the Janice Hahn campaign. She NEVER learns how to handle these PR situations. Is this the type of person and the types of decisions they make that you want in Congress as a representative? I hope she wins. America needs a good joke and a good laugh. And Leno and Letterman need some fresh grist for the mill. She'll take down the entire Democratic party with her mind and mouth. A three year old, silly-heart mind in the body of a greedy, corrupt, fool. (That's a dangerously, F*CKED UP combination. Obama's gonna LOVE her!)

Transcript from Fox 11 site

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