Monday, July 25, 2011

NOW STREAMING: Zuma's REAL 80's (Better Than Pandora...Only Songs ZUMA DOGG Likes...and NO commercials or nutty stuff!)

[STREAMING LIVE FROM SANTA MONICA STATE BEACH, just outside the City of Los Angeles, CA...It's Zuma Dogg's "REAL 80's!" They way they sounded like to him when he was playing these hits on Top 40 radio, throughout U.S. Does he, "still got it?" Listen Live, now @]

Really stressed out from last week's nutritional depletion and it's taking a long time to re-charge, cause I'm STILL not up to speed on the nutrition, but it's coming, THIS WEEK: So I need some good music to chill out to.

Problem is, if I turn on FM radio, it's not even the commercials, as much as the songs that they play over and over and the ones I don't like, too. And Pandora is alright...but they play a lot of random stuff, and has a lot of limits and I still have to endure songs I wouldn't chose to listen to. And THAT always turns up the flame on the ZD bipolar cranky juice.

So had to create a station, with no commercial, and ONLY songs that won't make me cranky. Aka: Only songs I like. So here is Zuma Dogg's "REAL 80's!" (Not just Hall & Oates & Journey. Not Just Cure & Depeche Mode...what the REAL 80's sounded like.) So here's the 20 hour playlist of songs from the 80's that keeps me happy and un-cranky as possible. And that's ALWAYS good news for the city. (One commercial starts on the player, that isn't mine, but then, NO are listening to the music stream on ZD's actual laptop, as I'm listening. If you want to hear a song, send a tweet to @ZumaDogg. I'll stream it when I see the tweet!)

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