Wednesday, July 20, 2011

VIDEO: Distrct Attorney Candidate CARMEN TRUTANICH, starring in "Election Hangover II" (Comedy About A Lying Clown, at it's finest!)

While the FBI had to ride into town to investigate L.A. City Hall under City "Shitty" Attorney Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich (Aka: "Nuch the Douche"), Carmen Trutanich decided NOW would be a GREAT time to run for another office, even though he signed a pledge that he wouldn't do that. (See video.) So while he's complaining how he is so short staffed, and can't get the job done...he won't be around much to pitch in, as he's out galavantin' around, like an uglier Janice Hahn, kissing ass and telling more campaign LIES to any SUCKER who still hasn't heard the truth about LIETANICH!

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District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson is not pulling any punches when it comes to outing City Attorney Carmen Trutanich’s woeful record of failures and failed promises. The following ad from the Alan Jackson campaign parodies the Hangover II movie:


Video Ad Entitled “Election Hangover Part II”

Los Angeles, July 19th – Today the Alan Jackson campaign released a web ad response to Carmen Trutanich’s candidacy for District Attorney. Since his decision to run, it is clear that Trutanich will be turning his attention away from his job as City Attorney to launch a campaign for higher office. Using a parody of the Hangover Part II movie trailer, the ad highlights Trutanich’s broken promises and failed record since he was elected City Attorney. The spot is called “Election Hangover Part II.”

Not only has Carmen Trutanich broken his promise not to run for higher office, he has been an unsuccessful City Attorney. Under his watch, the City of Los Angeles is undergoing a widespread corruption probe by the FBI. Meanwhile, Trutanich has stifled first amendment rights, choosing to cut vital programs and staff salaries while refusing to cut his own. With all this mayhem, Trutanich is now looking for higher office.

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“Not only is Trutanich breaking his sworn promise to the voters, but he’s been a huge disappointment as City Attorney. Now he wants a promotion and a pay raise?” asked Jackson’s strategist John S. Thomas.

“Apparently Mr. Trutanich is as serious about fighting corruption in the city as he is about completing his term as City Attorney,” said Thomas.

Thomas continued, “With the early release of prisoners from California State prisons looming large, we need a District Attorney who takes his job seriously and will put the people of LA County before his own political career.”

Trutanich’s “Pledge to Serve” stipulates that if Trutanich breaks his promise to serve two terms as City Attorney and not seek higher office, he must pay $100,000 of personal funds to the Best Afterschool Program for Kids and place a full-page ad in every major daily paper with a picture of himself and text stating ‘I AM A LIAR’.

Click below to view Carmen Trutanich’s original “Pledge to Serve.”

See below for several news articles explaining in more detail how Trutanich has performed as a City Attorney.

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