Saturday, August 13, 2011

CLIVE DAVIS: Fresh Talent, Just Hit L.A. -- He's ALL YOURS!!! (Check out this FANTASTIC Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist (A la: Jack Johnson, John Mayer)

[NOTE: To L.A. City News readers. This IS L.A. City News. TALENT just arrived to L.A. and it might stimulate the economy.]

To: Clive Davis
Fr: Dave Elliott (Aka: "Zuma Dogg")
Re: New Talent Just Hit Los Angeles, And YOU came to mind.
Dt: 8/19/2011

Dear Mr. Davis,

It's Zuma Dogg, the Z-100/NY, Billboard Hot 100 Chart director, formerly known as "Dave Elliott."

Due to my high profile in L.A., these days, I'm bless and privileged to meet so many people, in the course of my day.

Today, I came across a guy named, "Clint," who was doin' his thing, at the local cafe. (Singer/songwriter/guitarist).

HE WAS SO was a treat, yet also a shame he wasn't on a national platform. So I figured it out, and asked, "How long have you lived in L.A." (Knowing it had to be about a month, cause, again, too good...and people THAT GOOD get frustrated of the coffee cafe circuit, quickly.)

He said he's been here for, "a while." By HIS standards, I guess...cause when I said, "HOW long?," he replied, "about a month." JUST WHAT I THOUGHT!

I HATE TO ADMIT WHEN OTHER PEOPLE ARE AMAZINGLY TALENTED, but at the same time, just like YOU Clive, when I come across something I feel is RARE, I can't just walk away and not try and do something.

So I asked him for a CD, cause I convinced him I used to be a radio and record industry, "big shot" and I would see what I could do. (And again, not that he asked...I probed, cause as I watched, I envisioned him doing the "The View," "Regis & Kelly." "Today Show" circuit.)

Here's are clips of songs from the CD. If you want the whole CD, contact me via email or phone number, posted on upper right hand side of this blog (

[AND TO L.A. CITY NEWS least you know what ZUMA DOGG thinks is exceptional singing & songwriting talent, these days.]

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