Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NEW POLITICAL ANTHEM FOR THE TIMES: "UNIVERSE (Give The People What They Want)" by Zuma Dogg

ZUMA'S NEW POLITICAL ANTHEM: What the world needs, right now, is a good political anthem, for the (new) times. So I wrote one. It's the FIRST political anthem to be written via twitter tweets. Like a modern day, Robert Plant...I copy and pasted all the lyrics, in their original (less than 140 character) tweet, and pasted them into this post for a U.S. folk classic, in the spirit of Bruce Springsteen's "Badlands."

Unlike Springsteen, I don't take 3 1/2 years to finish a song. Just 3 1/2 minutes. The length of time it took me to sing this song, one time thru. It's a vocal demo, so I don't forget the tune, to produce later. It's good enough for a one time listen, cause it IS a funny delivery, you wouldn't expect from the ORIGINAL, O.G....and I like the political message, for the new digital era.

"UNIVERSE (Give The People What They Want!)"

KARAOKE LYRICS to "Universe" by Zuma Dogg:

Be careful what you think. On TV, your mind will stink. Collective consciousness, will sink. The money's gone, before you blink.

You watch it on TV. Feels like reality. You don't have to leave your street. You don't have to leave your seat.

UNIVERSE! Give the people what they want. In a new and trendy font. Say it in a sono-voice, on a beat that is your choice.

UNIVERSE! A political force, for the better, mostly worse. Don't trust the words. You see, it's a solemn tragedy.

People watch 'The Springer Show.' That's the most some want know. Others, watch politico. But the bar is just as low.

Just because it's in your brain, doesn't mean you made a change. Doesn't matter what you know, if it doesn't rock the vote.

UNIVERSE! Keep it simple, keep it short. Send it back for a report. In another 90 days, I'm sure the problem goes away.

UNIVERSE! A political force, for the better, mostly worse. Don't trust words, trust what you see. It's a solemn tragedy.

Headed for a lousy turn. And there's not a lot to earn. Politicians' wealthy backers, more like general fund hackers. Services are getting cut. Janice Hahn, she is a....

UNIVERSE! First, they say it on TV. AM talk show, will repeat. Then you say it in a tweet. And the process is complete.

UNIVERSE! A political force, for the better, mostly worse. What you get, is what you see. It's a gosh damn tragedy.

The picture, from above, this global tech-socie-ty; shows people like it shallow -- and their weather man, nut-ty.

Moving in the wrong direction. Every week a new election. But, the only ones selectin', buy the ones you are rejectin.

Now, you see it on the street. Peoples' will was to defeat. Service cuts, now to repeat. Pension losses on Wall Street.


Keep-on watching on the news, for all you need to know. You feel so well informed...'tilll there's nothing for leaders to blow.

And if you wonder why, it makes ZD-bipolar juice...not tryin' to live 'Badlands,' like Bruce.


Try waking up and use your brain. Make elected leaders, change. Time to start, without delay. And, you have to pull their chain.



copyright 2011 - Zuma Dogg All Rights Reserved
(May be used, without permission, for free to the public, political rallies.)

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