Sunday, August 7, 2011

NOW STREAMING: Zuma Music Radio - ZD's "REAL 80's!" (Wide Variety, Upbeat, Fun...and COMMERCIAL FREE!)

If you LIVED the 80's, hope this recaptures the era for you, in a REAL way...cause I call it, "ZD's 'REAL 80's'" - and the last thing I can afford, is to be sued for false advertising. Pop, Rock, Funk, Post Modern, MTV 80's wave...back in the day, if you liked ONE kind of genre, you were TOO COOL to be caught listening to the others...BUT NOW IT'S SAFE TO LISTEN TO 'EM ALL AS ONE FORMAT...ZD's - "REAL 80!"(Cause I'm secure enough in my manhood, to play some cheesy stuff the chicks like, too! -ZD)

IT'S NOT MARK GOODMAN, IT'S NOT J.J.'s not even Martha's ZUMA DOGG...poppin' in between the music. sometimes, just like they did when they played these same hits in the 80's! (HOW EXCITING!) LIVE, from Venice Beach, CA!


7PM UPDATE: Sorry, Kiddies! Hasn't been an issue, till now...but I don't have an internet connection, at home, anymore...and now use the coffee shop, from across the street. And it drops out a lot, cause I just a little too far away. I don't mind for tweeting and blogging, but looks like it's a "bummer" for LIVE - Zuma Music Radio streaming. If no music, the wi-fi connection got knocked out. I keep re-setting it. But if I'm not here, it could be a while. It's streaming now...

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