Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The City Hall Political Legacy Of Zuma Dogg, Chronicled by Longest Running L.A. Political Blog (READ IT AND WEEP, LOSERS ON WRONG SIDE OF ROPE!)

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

[PICTURED: L.A. COUNTY'S TOP POLITICAL MOVER & SHAKER, in truest sense of the words, Zuma Dogg, calling shots for CD 11. " make it so, BR!" (You see ZD saying, "make" in this picture.)]

City of Los Angeles political historians would be advised that any future works on the Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Era, at City Hall, would be incomplete without mention of three Venice Beach Boardwalk merchants who took their grievances to City Hall and became civic legends.

Matt Dowd, Michael Hunt and a sidewalk performer who's moniker "Zuma Dogg" will forever be preserved in local civic history, shook up City Hall and left their mark, especially in the "public comment records" and on the payout ledgers of the city treasury.

Now after the dust has settle and grievances had been resolved by counsel, CD 11 City Councilman Bill Rosendahl's latest attempts to impose rules on the sometimes anarchy of the Venice Boardwalk, has prompted Zuma Dogg to give notice that he will put Rosendahl on the spot for any illegal actions that impinges on his constitutional rights of expression. Meanwhile, in addition to giving notice to Councilman Rosendahl, Zuma Dogg has another endeavor in the works, more on that later.

ZD: THANK YOU, SO MUCH (OBVIOUSLY), TO MAYOR SAM BLOGGER SCOTT JOHNSON in POLITICAL POWERHOUSE CD 14! [Can't wait to read about my, "another endeavor in the works, later."] Only one ZD knows about is, THIS ONE!: ZUMA DOGG to Write, "KINGPIN": Sopranos-like TV Show On L.A. County RICO-RACKET CORRUPTION (LUCKILY, the Names Will Be Changed To Protect The GUILTY) AND REMEMBER, SCOTT...Garcetti can play himself. He's a SAG member, and has worked, recently!

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