Friday, September 16, 2011

Was $52 Million To Eli "BROADFATHER" Broad from CRA, $50 Million Pay-2-Play For "Teach For America" (And Schwarzenegger's Nunez Prison Commute KEY?)

NOW, WHY WOULD ZUMA DOGG THINK THIS?: DID ELI "BROADFATHER" BROAD PUT PRESSURE ON GOV SCHWARZENEGGER TO COMMUTE FABIAN NUNEZ SON'S SENTENCE; SO NUNEZ would have CRA MONEY Gatekeeper Dalila Sotelo approve $52 million for Broad's museum garage, in exchange for $25 million donations, a piece, from Broad/Schwarzenegger to Villaraiogsa mega-crony-pal Michelle Rhee for her (shady as hell) "Teach For America" non-profit? (Equal to the $52 million Broad got from CRA.) Then money is funneled through non-profit, back to willing (and UN-willing participants.) I know you didn't wanna do it Arnie. But when Eli Broad wants ONE thing, Fabian Nunez wants ANOTHER thing, they are both on SAME CRA-manipulation team -- AND YOU are the key holder of what FABIAN needs, that will allow ELI to get what HE wants. THOSE ARE TWO COLLABORATIVE MOB FORCES THAT ARE TOUGH TO SAY, "Sorry, no," to. So I just wonder what leverage Eli used over Arnie? AND REMEMBER, since "Teach For America," got $50 mil...IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!!! IT'S ALL ABOUT EDUCATION!!! (You should read about this disgrace of a shill called, "Teach For America.") What a shame. Anyway, maybe I'll see ya, later, Arnie. I might be going out for a cup of coffee at the usual time. TRY TO SMILE, NEXT TIME, BRO! You gave me SUCH a DIRTY LOOK TO KILL, last time, I thought, "WONDER WHAT I'VE BLOGGED ABOUT THAT PISSED "HIM" I went back and looked, and found it! DOH! ALL MUST REMEMBER...THE KINGPIN LIKES HIS ASS KISSED AND SMILED AT!!! LOOK WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T. ASK VILLARAIOGSA about NORM KULLA!

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