Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/19 - 10PM Usteam News/Talk/Politcs Segments: L.A. City Hall vs Occupy LA (Pt 1 & 2), PENSION & NONPROFIT FRAUD, and Zuma Dogg L.A. Corruption Update (While Getting A Hair Cut - LIVE!)

2013 Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate David Saltsburg is back in the L.A. City News studio, with an update on new Venice Beach boardwalk laws; L.A. City Hall vs Occupy LA (getting a little less cozy); how corruption (fraud of pension, nonprofit and Federal funds) and waste (broken administrative system) is TRUE cause of Occupy grief. AND, Zuma Dogg gives an L.A. City Hall corruption update from the barber chair, LIVE on Ustream! (INFORMATIVE, nevertheless!)

TONIGHT'S 10 PM SHOW WAS CUT VERY SHORT (wi-fi from across the street don't come in like it used to, and every time a truck pulls up [all the time], it cuts off the signal. Gonna have to get wi-fi INSIDE the studio!) So WATCH THESE SEGMENTS, and check back later, tonight to see if the show is back "ON AIR." If not, MORE LIVE USTREAM UPDATES, in the morning (10/20/11). This isn't EIB, it's LBN (Low Budget Network.) I know I make it look TOTALLY PROFESSIONAL!

AND, I KNOW EVERYONE GOES FOR DESERT, FIRST: So here's Zuma Dogg L.A. City Corruption Update, which is a good warm-up for the two embedded segments below.

Catch all the tweets as they stream live. Aka: LA City News "Show Prep." (All other national talk show hosts are welcome to use! And thank you to @KenBlanchard for the "follow" today and to @TavisSmiley for sending me a message of, "thanks." And to @NewtGingrich for replying to my #Deming's #14Points. See link in twitter feed. CLICK HERE FOR TWITTER PAGE. (Not all tweets feed through this blog.)

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