Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/19/11 12 Noon UPDATE: It's ALL About the Mobile USTREAM: LIVE POLITCAL RANTS on Streets of Venice. CA! Plus U.S. News Twitter Update

In case you didn't tune in yesterday, EXCITING BREAKTHROUGH DAY: Zuma Dogg can now stream LIVE on his mobile device on USTREAM. This means he can stream all his pent up political rant thoughts LIVE on the internet, as he goes about his day. Although ZD has been accused of (diagnosed as) narcissistic/suffering from delusions of grandeur; that does not mean it is not also true, that I believe Round One of Ustream videos, now posted, are not only my best work ever, but the greatest performance and political rants, in human history.

HERE'S THE USTREAM PAGE WHERE THEY ARE ALL POSTED. Best stuff ever, and what can become better, with G4, instead of G3. (In other words, if the video frame is stuck, and video doesn't stream, just consider a radio show like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, etc.)

10/19/11 TWITTER FEED: NOW, I'm scanning the wires and constantly updating them with tweets on National/U.S. News Tweets on all the political and economic topics that are of interest to me. (My blog and UStream Show prep. In case I have to sit in for Todd Schnit, I want to be ready to go! So here is what ZD wanted to permeate his cranium with, for 10/19/11, so far (11 AM Update). STREAMING UPDATES HERE:

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