Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10/4/11 LA TIMES: ANOTHER L.A. Building Inspector GUILTY (In "Systematic L.A. Bribe Ring") & Zuma Dogg Advice/Reminder for #OccupyWallStreet


  • 10/4/11 - LA TIMES: Another L.A. inspector GUILTY in FBI BRIBE STING. Death threats made on an employee in L.A. KINGPIN territory! http://t.co/kMLMjCIR about a minute ago
  • LA inspector caught on tape making death threats against contracting worker/accepted bribes/insinuated others were involve in bribe scandal. 9 minutes ago
  • If you have first hand knowledge of BRIBES being taken in L.A. City, the FBI urges you to call: (310) 477-6565, or email: reportbribes@ic.fbi.gov. 11 minutes ago
  • Prosecutors say phone records show doctor not focused on Jackson http://t.co/QARu1sdB (Considering he DIED, don't need record to show THAT!) about an hour ago
  • NLP TELLS ZD: Obama KNOWS he ain't gonna win re-election, can't wait till it's over & is goin' out in "finger pointing/excuse making" mode. about an hour ago
  • #OCCUPY: DON'T BE OBAMA/SEIU PUPPET: KNOW what U R protesting. I spent 5 yrs investigating Wall St crony fraud. HERE: http://t.co/6Z7fAva0 about an hour ago
  • RT @OccupyWallSt: If we give NYPD $4.6M will u not arrest us? Worked for JPMorgan. [JP knows #OCCUPY will cause call for INDICTMENTS!] about an hour ago
  • @OccupyWallStNYC To me, #OCCUPY allows OBAMA to let SEC INDICTMENTS FALL ON Wall St & CRONIES! THERE'S CURRENT SEC PROBE OF CALI pension $. about an hour ago
  • I have NO IDEA why OBAMA/SEIU would think #OCCUPY effort would hurt Repubs? NY/CA Democrats funneled money to Wall St cronies' phony shills. about an hour ago
  • What #OCCUPY is about? Obama effort to create PUBLIC OUTCRY, paving way for SEC to BUST Wall St cronies. ENDS CORRUPTION. FINES=FAIR SHARE! about an hour ago
  • @OccupyWallSt Here is what I believe #OCCUPY ACTIVISM should be about/the focus/cause of economic gloom. PENSION FRAUD: http://t.co/6Z7fAva0 about an hour ago
  • NEW KINGPIN EPISODE NOW TWEETING: Local gadfly blogger tweets inside comments made to him by local councilman during private conversations. about 2 hours ago
  • How you KNOW Bill Rosendahl has NO idea what you are talking about (even though HUGE DISTRICT ISSUE): Starts chanting "Right, right, right!" about 2 hours ago
  • HOW ZUMA DOGG KNOWS an LA Council agenda item is MORE than meets eye/shady money grab. Rosendahl says, "It's a no brainer." Nice NLP trick! about 2 hours ago
  • WHAT HAPPENED TO LACityNews? Rosendahl violated my 1st Amend rights, till I was SO SSI disabled, all I can do is express about it, on blog. about 2 hours ago
  • I don't have a THING except my political credibility in L.A. and I'm NOT BLOWING IT on Bill Rosendope. Ask CD 11 locals about what ZD says. about 2 hours ago
  • 2013 L.A. CITY COUNCIL ELECTION VOTER INFO: Bill Rosendahl For Los Angeles City Council, by Zuma Dogg!: http://t.co/ws6HkV6O [REPLACE HIM!] about 3 hours ago
AND FINALLY: Most RELEVANT #OccupyWallStreet link, EVER: http://goo.gl/8sfrt [WALL STREET/ELECTED OFFICIAL CRONY FRAUD! YOUR TAXPAYER MONEY, HANDED OVER TO CRONY/SHILL PROJECTS. YOU LOST!] Here's the blueprint/history of "The Decline of The U.S.A." Again, a MOST no-joke link: http://goo.gl/8sfrt (from @OccupyTweets. Has ZD written ALL OVER 'em!)

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