Sunday, October 16, 2011

10PM 10/16/11: Sunday Night Weekend UPDATE:

Zuma Dogg is on vacation, this week. Sitting in as guest blogger/tweeter is current Los Angeles 2013 Mayoral Candidate and most recognized political legend/icon in L.A. City history, David Saltsburg. Unlike Zuma Dogg, his nerves don't allow for a bunch of blogging and he is trained in "Methods for Management of Quality & Productivity," which is ALL ABOUT innovation/improving efficiency/doing more with less, and Mr. Saltsburg feels twitter (with it's various integrated social media applications) is all any REAL political icon needs. Saltsburg doesn't need all the "Wizard of Oz" like "smoke and mirrors," Zuma Dogg requires via an intricate blog network. @DavidSaltsburg on Twitter will allow you to experience the BEST of "L.A. City News" (Aka; LA Daily Blog) -- with all news re-tweets, audio, video and everything else feeding through the simple @DavidSaltsburg twitter feed. (You can also read every tweet, as they are tweeted, on this blog, too. See left column.) So check everything out there. And this blog, for the most part, will be Saltsburg's historic archives, for future reference and retweets, while Mr. Dogg is on vacation. (The living legend behind a retired icon.)

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