Monday, October 3, 2011

2013 L.A. CITY COUNCIL ELECTIONS - VOTER INFO: Bill Rosendahl For Los Angeles City Council in CD 11 (Venice, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, West L.A.)


Bill Rosendahl 2013 Re-Election Campaign Video

Zuma Dogg on "Why we need new leadership, I mean leadership (cause we haven't had any, yet, so can't be "new" leadership) in CD 11 (Venice, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, West L.A.) in 2013 L.A. City Council election. And anyone who knows him, knows EXACTLY what I mean, about ALL of this! Ask around...ANYONE! Even his supporters laugh in acknowledgement when I say this stuff to them. But time are getting tougher, the district is getting rougher...and we need someone who has the BACKBONE to make REAL decisions. Not someone with a chronic disease called, "Rosendahlism": Promise EVERYTHING to BOTH SIDES, then do and deliver NOTHING! (Eventually, SOMETHING will happen. And THEN, you can blame that/them.) WE CANNOT HAVE A COUNCILMAN WHO LEADS BY "DUCK & COVER!"

[PICTURED: 2 crony-culprits under icon-gadfly scrutiny. Used to be just one. Zuma Dogg has watchful eye on Villaraigosa being mauled by (what ZD felt was an "under the influence of") Rosendahl. He was a little overly-emotional, when I was talking to him, in the lobby, and he sure was blabby! DAMN, was he whining how ALL of Venice's problems are cause of those gosh damn Board of County Supervisors. Yeah, Bill, they ARE pretty bad. But you have a LONG way to go, before it's "finger pointing," time. AND STOP WITH THE "IT'S THE WAR IN IRAQ" TALK! Again, yeah, it costs a lot of money, and contributed to the U.S. economic crisis...but I have a list of 100 things you BLEW and KEEP BLOWING before I can move over to NATIONAL list cause CD 11/L.A. City problems. YOU voted on a few things, yourself, bro.]
  • BILL ROSENDAHL=Mere Machine "Figure Head." Mike Bonnin does what MIKE wants, and Bill runs around making re-election speeches as "city biz." 2 minutes ago
  • TAKE THE ROSENDAHL CHALLENGE! Go to council. Ask to speak w Bill. Ask him what ANY agenda item is about. WON'T HAVE CLUE/WILL GET DEPUTY! 3 minutes ago
  • NEED TO HAVE A CONVERSATION W ROSENDAHL ON IMPORTANT AGENDA ITEM=WASTE OF TIME. Didn't even know HUGE item was on agenda=about to vote for. 5 minutes agoAlign Center
  • LADIES & GENTLEMAN: I am here to tell you will ALL CERTAINTY: Bill Rosendahl is WAY over his head & has NO IDEA what's up in his district. 7 minutes ago
  • WHY ZUMA DOGG NEEDS A NEW COUNCILMAN IN CD 11 (VENICE/West L.A.)? When I need something done/information, he would be LAST guy I'd go to. 8 minutes ago
  • WHY ZUMADOGG/KNOW LEADER WILL BE LEADING "NO ROSENDAHL RE-ELECTION" DRIVE? A few things happened, recently that convinced me=HE'S HOPELESS! 9 minutes ago
  • REASON KINGPIN ZD HAS TO PULL PLUG ON ROSENDAHL RE-ELECTION: His LACK of strong, leadership-based decision making becoming hazardous to LA! 11 minutes ago
  • REASON I have to PULL CORD on ROSENDAHL (make sure he is not re-elected), I am 100% convinced he is falling apart, himself. NOT UP TO JOB! 13 minutes ago
  • I CAN GUARANTEE! If @PaulKrekorian was councilman of Venice, ZD would be OUT OF CITY'S HAIR & DISTRICT 11 WOULD NOT BE FALLING APART! 14 minutes ago
  • RT @Rinwa_CMW:#MyMoonShadow I see #ZumaDogg shakin out @Bill_Rosendahl and he deserves it. Go ZD [Thanks, but wish I didn't have to shake.] 16 minutes ago
  • Once Mike Bonnin (Rosendahl COS) told ZD, "We KNOW ZD are OK, but others may sell commercial shirts," says, "THEY KNEW THEY BROKE FED LAW!" 27 minutes ago
  • RT @MyMoonShadow: @Bill_Rosendahl there are a lot of LA citizens reading the news=zumadogg [And, I'm JUST getting warmed up. Election='13] 28 minutes ago
  • @Rinwa_CMW Re: Rosendahl: What's going on? [Look @ state of Venice/District. Need explaining?] New Venice laws=SAME MISTAKES! ZD HAD ENUF! 29 minutes ago
  • TOO MANY VIEWS on this post from '09. (INVESTIGATION TOPIC?) Villaraigosa, Huizar, Meuelo, Taylor Yard, DWP CalPERS: 44 minutes ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl I can't get over FACT=After 5yrs, you STILL haven't settled w/ZD ,AND COPY & PASTED SAME FED VIOLATIONS IN NEW VENICE LAWS! 52 minutes ago
  • BILL ROSENDAHL'S CD 11 STRATEGY: "DUCK & COVER!" Promise EVERYTHING to ALL=DO NOTHING. Blame everyone who stopped you. COWARD=NON-LEADER! 54 minutes ago
  • WHY ZD IS ANTI-ROSENDAHL (AS CM)? He's HOPELESS! Promises EVERYTHING to BOTH sides, then does NOTHING! Too emotionally weak to be a leader. 56 minutes ago
  • Did you see ROSENDAHL in this video, yet? (Told ZD he wasn't drunk, at all. Not ONE drink? Then WHAT was it?") 57 minutes ago
  • "There won't be a Latino candidate for L.A. mayor in '13. The Latino political movement is DEAD for a LONG time, now." - Rosendahl to ZD. about an hour ago
  • "He's a talented guy. But I think he has some 'closet issues.' Not sure about that drill sergeant wife of his." Rosendahl on Garcetti to ZD about an hour ago
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WHY ALL OF THIS NOW?: THINGS KEEP PROGRESSING FOR ME, THE DISTRICT & CITY. And, among other things, last week, while FBI probes L.A Dept of Building & Safety; a ZD reader was STUNG by the Department in Rosendahl's UPSCALE MAR VISTA, who is doing good things in the area by redeveloping a blighted home in the area, and the neighbors LOVE him for it -- BUT HE IS PUNISHED BY THE CITY, FOR DOING THINGS RIGHT. THEN ROSENDAHL'S OFFICE WAS USELESS/NO HELP/COULDN'T GET MATTER RESOLVED...till KINGPIN ZUMA DOGG had to step in, A SECOND TIME, with MORE EMPHATIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR ROSENDAHL'S OFFICE...and it resulted in the BUILDING & SAFETY MATTER BEING RESOLVED IN 12 MINUTES. (And YES, I time things out, at that point!)

SO POINT IS: ROSENDAHL'S DISTRICT IS A MESS, CAUSE HE IS A MESS. AND WHAT IS HAPPENING EVERYWHERE ELSE, THAT PEOPLE ARE NOT CONTACTING ZUMA DOGG ABOUT? (This guy was just buying me a slice of pizza, cause he knew I was starving, and that's how I found out.) IMAGINE IF I REALLY START ASKING AROUND? I'VE BEEN TRYING TO RETIRE. But things keep popping up, cause I'm still around and politically activated. (I'm STILL not done with my city business at Venice, and had to type up stuff, over the weekend, regarding the matter. NOT RECREATIONAL TYPING. REAL LEGAL TYPING, CAUSE I WAS ON A 9pm SUNDAY, DEADLINE! ON A SUNDAY!!! I used to be performing in Venice, on Sunday. THEN, when I finally finished, and went to Whole Foods, the BIGGEST PROBLEM IN ALL OF CD 11 HAPPENS TO WALK UP NEXT TO ME AT THE FOOD BAR: MIKE "BONE HEAD" BONNIN. (Pacino "Godfather" shouting voice.) "WHERE I EAT!?!?!"

AND, here's the story/PROBLEM WITH ROSENDAHL & HIS OFFICE, as mentioned above! And it ALL STARTS AT THE TOP, if you ARE a leader: FBI: Did Zuma Dogg Stumble Into L.A. Building & Safety "ERRONEOUS" SCAM!!! (NOTHING ERRONEOUS ABOUT IT! IT'S CALLED FRAUD/RACKETEERING

AND FINALLY, THIS IS A REAL ISSUE/CONCERN: The reason the district is falling apart, and ZD is losing patience, is because NOW, I hear it is ELECTION SEASON! Every time I call Rosendahl (A LOT), he is giving a speech. But these speeches are RE-ELECTION/CAMPAIGN SPEECHES...under the guise of city business. Including weekends. And he is burning himself out/always run down, from all the running around...and it ISN'T doing a GOSH DAMN thing for ANYONE but his re-election campaign that he has to win, so he get's that "term-extension" 3rd term, for enhanced pension/lifetime health benefits. AND HE NEEDS THEM! HE'S A FUCKING WRECK!

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