Tuesday, October 18, 2011

6PM: Zuma Dogg USTREAM: Interview with USC Student for TV Channel on NEW VENICE BEACH RULES (Zuma Speaks on New Laws vs Old Laws) and Video Info For #Occupy LA & #OccupyWallStreet

Clearly proving, he's the greatest living political phenomenon on the planet, L.A. City News (http://LACityNews.com) unleashes 2013 Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate, Zuma Dogg, on the streets of L.A. (Venice), as he STREAMS LIVE on the LACityNews.com MOBILE DEVICE CAM. (Ustreaming, LIVE on the streets via mobile device!) Watch a certified madman, who happens to be a beloved, prophetic, iconic, legendary, political and talk-off-the-top-of-his-head, improv genius RANT THE TRUTH on L.A. City Hall CORRUPTION, as he addresses the #Occupy crowds, gathered in NY & LA. Plus, MORE EXCLUSIVE L.A. CITY NEWS, as presented by Zuma Dogg. Take a look at the world's greatest talk show/reality show to hit the political arena, since Rush Limbaugh's EIB! It's Zuma Dogg's LBN, "Low Budget Network," LIVE from the streets of Venice, CA, where he ALMOST mixes in with the rest of the nuts.

ALSO from today (10/18/11): Zuma Dogg meets with USC student for video segment about new Venice Beach boardwalk ordinance, most likely to be approved by L.A. City Council. in the next month, or so.

Watch Zuma Dogg being interviewed, via USTREAM. Aka: Zuma Dogg Speaks/BLASTS L.A. City Hall on YEARS of FEDERAL VIOLATIONS and explains some "issues" he has with the NEW ordinance that may result in FURTHER legal challenges in Federal Court. (But of course I seriously do, hope not! SERIOUSLY!)


PART TWO: (Gets a little windy, you hear the wind come in and out...hang in there!)


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