Friday, October 28, 2011

ALL TIME FIRST! LA Weekly Covers LIVE OccupyLA Event As Streamed on Local Gadfly's Blog (Aka: Zuma Dogg OCCUPIES OCCUPY LA and is PREVENTED from FREE SPEECH!)

[ZD: An innovative day in blog/journalism: LA Weekly covers event LIVE, minute by it's streaming live on local gadfly's blog! (Beats the fun I thought I was having with 8-track tapes!)]

Occupy L.A. versus Zuma Dogg: OG City Activist Tries to Out-Shout Occupiers

zuma dogg occupy la.jpg
Battle L.A.: Who can free-speech louder?

​Leave it to Zuma Dogg, perpetual public commenter at every single L.A. City Council meeting ever (rivaled only in civic involvement by John Walsh of the insane neckties and Einstein hair), to add even more confusion to the Occupy L.A. clusterfuck.

"Awww yeah, Zuma Dogg!" he shouted into the faces of half-lidded campers through his megaphone this morning. "I'm here to occupy Occupy, y'all!"
As you might imagine, things only got more amazing from there.


His live stream this morning has literally caused tears of laughter to stream down this disenchanted blogger's slackface. Internet L.A.-hole Andrew Breitbart, try as he might, could never illustrate the disjointed hilarity of Occupy L.A. with the same brilliance as this dude who has basically all the same goals as the movement, but is way too involved in city government to give a bunch of sleepover hippies any credit. - Simone Wilson/LA Weekly (10/28/11) [Any quote that says, "tears of laughter down disenchanted slackface," makes me happy!]  Read Full Coverage by Simone Wilson @ LA Weekly.

BREAKING VIDEO FROM 10/28/11: Occupy LA MOB Attempts to PREVENT Another Speaker's FREE SPEECH! STUNNING VIDEO! [ALSO, read ZUMA DOGG'S legal argument to be filed against the city and hear him discuss it on local L.A. talk show. SEEMS TO HAVE A PRETTY STRONG ARGUMENT, BASED ON THIS VIDEO!]

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