Monday, October 24, 2011

DONATE TO THIS BLOG, TODAY To Keep It Online....And to keep Zuma Dogg out of the hosptial or cemetary

U.S. President Barack Obama is using Air Force One to waste millions of dollars to fly to California, today, to ask for money. All CA Attorney General Kamala Harris does, is sit around on Twitter and ask people to give her money, all day. (Using state time, offices and computers to FUND RAISE! I THINK THAT IS ILLEGAL, ON TOP OF A SHAMELESS WASTE OF TIME & MONEY!)

All the non-commercial radio stations (KCRW/KPFK) are having pledge drives where they ask people to give them money and people give them money.

And I see that several thousand people read this blog, each week. So you are obviously getting some value.

I, on the other hand, work round the clock to keep it updated -- and I didn't eat yesterday and woke up today FLAT  BROKE! So, yeah, they starts to create health and safety problems for me.

So consider this the Zuma Dogg, LA City News/LA Daily Blog pledge drive, for five years of relentless investigation that brought the FBI to city hall! AND YES, LET THERE BE NO MISTAKE..THEY ARE THERE, BECAUSE I SENT THEM THERE! AND I HAVE WORKED VERY, VERY HARD. AND IT HAS COST ME EVERYTHING! All I want to do is eat today. If you can help me do that, please call 213-785-7272, now, and tell me when you can meet me, in person, at Rose & Lincoln (Whole Foods/CVS/99 Store) parking lot for MY donation.

I'll return to blogging if that happens. If not, hope you enjoyed the past five years, and you will never be able to read this blog, again, after today. [If you don't give money to KCRW, your favorite show goes off the air. SAME HERE.]


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