Sunday, October 23, 2011

iRadioLIVE: Sunday Funnies - Zuma Dogg's YouTube Embedded Playlist Player (Politics, Comedy, Political Comedy, L.A. City History!) Laugh at City Hall

These are the videos, from the past five years, that went along with the investigative blogging (see "Zuma Dogg's Political Blog" link on right hand column of this blog) Comedy/Municipal Tragedy). On October 21, 2010 (one year ago) a Federal Judge ruled in favor of Zuma Dogg on his 1st Amendment issues that first brought him in to L.A. City Council chambers to fight for his rights. It has now been proven (upon the Judge's ruling in favor of Plaintiff Zuma Dogg vs Defendant City of Los Angeles that they DID violate his rights, along with everyone else at Venice Beach who was affected. (Not only did people lose their income, vehicle and homes. Many lost their children to Foster Homes. It gets PRETTY UNFUNNY when you think about it, Venice Beach/L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl.) But this is supposed to be Sunday FUNNIES! (Aka: A Lesson in ACTIVISM for #Occupy gatherers. THEY are PROTESTORS, and there IS a difference.

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