Thursday, October 6, 2011

Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa Releases, "Putting L.A. Back To Work" Plan (At Least Zuma Dogg Likes The Marketing Slogan! A Good Start!)

[PICTURED: Here's the plan, which you can analyze and decide it's effectiveness, on your own. (I'll do an analysis in upcoming blog post.) But for the first time, ever, Zuma Dogg says, "Congratulations, to L.A. City Hall!," for their PERFECT marketing strategy slogan!" Zuma Dogg claims to know about these things, and is glad to say he thinks SOMEONE f-ing NAILED it!]

Although it's only a slogan, and not the staff, methods and systems to make it happen, per se...but as a Sun-Tzu, "Art of War," based, "Marketing Warfare" world-class strategist, after 5 years of nothing but RAIN on L.A. City Hall's parade Zuma Dogg is REALLY, REALLY inspired by the new slogan for "LA: Where the world creates and innovates." PER-FECT!

ZD has recently blogged a strategy that makes use of the city's unique competitive angles, and I DO FEEL this slogan sums it up, perfectly.

NOW, all the city has to do is work backwards, to make it happen.

EX: Domino's said, "We're going with a 30 minute delivery strategy." So they had to work backwards (create special oven, have smaller delivery routes, improve processes/systems/innovate.) FED-EX went with "When it absolutley, posititvely has to be there overnight" (an overnight delivery strategy), and had to work backward to implement the slogan strategy.

AND, with short staffed departments, and overall unmanageable beuaracray, ZD is not putting his blessing on this plan or hopes of implementation:

BUT IT ALL HINGES ON A STRATEGY/MISSION STATEMENT/MARKETING SLOGAN: And if L.A. has ANYTHING that is world class, it's their ad agency, or whoever came up with, "Where the World Creates and Innovates!"

HERE'S VILLAR'S PLAN: (Which will most likely consist of many more "exhortations," which are not the same -- and ZD hasn't heard one of THOSE he likes, yet. But as you can see...I CAN have positive things to say. (So if I'm NOT, LOOK WITHIN, Y'ALL!)

RT @Villaraiogsa; Read how we're putting LA to Work: (Do you have staff/method/systems to make any of this happen?) PDF:

Reforming LA’s Business Tax

• To help businesses create jobs, Mayor Villaraigosa led the fight to create a Business Tax Holiday, creating a three‐year business tax exemption for any new business that moves into Los Angeles. He is now fighting to extend the tax exemption. Example: Attracted Blackline Software to Woodland Hills (50 good‐paying jobs)

• To attract and retain Internet businesses to Los Angeles, Mayor Villaraigosa backed the Internet Business Tax Reduction Ordinance.

• Mayor Villaraigosa fought Sacramento to expand State Enterprise Zones. Example: Retained Panavision in Los Angeles (400 jobs).

• Mayor Villaraigosa supports further Business Tax Reform including possible elimination balanced with the need to be fiscally responsible.

Reducing Red Tape to Create Jobs

• To foster job creation, Mayor Villaraigosa created the Development Services Case Management Office, bringing seven departments together in one office to walk businesses of all sizes through the development process. Example: Attracted Farmers Insurance (800 jobs), by expediting parking structure construction needed for employee growth.

• Mayor Villaraigosa established the Restaurant and Hospitality Express Program to reduce the time it takes to open restaurants from two years to six months.

Partnering with Local Businesses

• To help local businesses win City government contracts, Mayor Villaraigosa has been promoting a Local Preference Ordinance.

• Mayor Villaraigosa created LA’s first Office of Small Business.

• Mayor Villaraigosa requires each business team member to make five Sales Calls per week to assist and hear from local businesses.

Modernizing LAX and the Port of Los Angeles

• Los Angeles is undertaking a $4.11 billion modernization of LAX, creating 39,000 jobs and $6.89 billion in economic activity.

• Los Angeles is investing $1.2 billion in new infrastructure at the Port over the next five years, which will create 20,000 jobs and ensure we remain the nation’s number one container port.
Building a 21st Century Rail Network

• To create jobs and ease traffic, Mayor Villaraigosa led the fight for Measure R, a half‐penny sales tax which will raise more than $40 billion over the next 30 years to double the size of the rail system while also repairing roads and highways.

• Mayor Villaraigosa is pushing the federal government to approve America Fast Forward, a transportation loan program which would create 166,000 jobs in LA County by accelerating Measure R spending from 30 years to 10 years.

HERE ARE SOME ZD TWEETS FROM AUGUST '11 THAT FITS THE , "Where world creates & innovates" marketing strategy:
  • When evaluating the competitive strength of L.A. toward job creation, besides climate, CULTURAL DIVERSITY=TOP VOCATIONAL KNOWLEDGE IN WORLD! about an hour ago
  • If L.A. focuses on becoming "Vocation Training Capital" of world, people will come to learn/train for IN DEMAND jobs that can't be exported. about an hour ago
  • JOBS: If L.A. focuses on becoming "Vocation Training Capital" of world, people across it, will come here to learn TODAY'S needed skills. about an hour ago
  • JOBS: ZD calls for L.A. to become Vocation Training Capital of planet. Will need more "fixing," not making of new. KNOWLEDGE=#1 U.S. EXPORT! about an hour ago
  • L.A. JOB MAKER: Become "Vocation Training Capital" of planet. Can't import the needed jobs learned. CAN export our knowledge thru diversity! about an hour ago
  • VEGAS=known for gambling. Texas=oil. Northern Cali=tech. L.A. needs to be known for something. ZD says, "VOCATION TRAINING!" F*CK COLLEGE! about an hour ago

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