Sunday, October 23, 2011

The #Occupy protestors should read this and keep in mind, a lot of the things they are screaming for are provided to local city's, in the form of BILLIONS in FEDERAL TAXPAYER DOLLARS to provide services in the community they are screaming for. BUT, the money NEVER makes it into the community...only into the pockets of the connected cronies. Here's a SHAMELESS and SICKENING example in L.A. FEDERAL MONEY USED TO KEEP A POLITICIAN'S FAVORITE (HUGELY-EXPENSIVE) RESTAURANT OPEN, instead of using the money for emergency shelter for homeless women and their children; seniors; veterans; parks; libraries; affordable housing, YOU NAME IT! IF IT IS OF BENEFIT TO THE COMMUNITY, IT WILL NOT BE SPENT THERE! KEEP READING!
At L.A. City Hall, the handouts just keep coming
Is pumping money, in this case a taxpayer-financed $2.6-million loan, into a high-end restaurant really the best use of funds primarily intended for economic development in blighted communities?


[PICTURED: FEDERAL MONEY, to provide the types of services to the community #OccupyLA is complaining about went to keep the local councilman's favorite restaurant open and in business. MONKEY BUSINE$$!!!]

By Steve Lopez

October 23, 2011

If you own a struggling restaurant, or if you always wanted to open an eatery but don't have the clams, you may be in luck.

Just go to Los Angeles City Hall, and hold out your hand. [If it's the right politically-connected hand. - ZD]

That's how it worked for one South Los Angeles restaurateur anyway. After the restaurant's manager couldn't get a bank loan, the City Council unanimously approved a taxpayer-financed $2.6-million loan so he could purchase and freshen up the restaurant his grandparents founded.

READ THIS MOST OUTRAGEOUS LA TIMES STORY [with Zuma Dogg's additional pile-on coments in the brackets.]

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