Saturday, October 22, 2011

Zuma Dogg Launches Interactive Online Tool: (Better Than Clear Channel's - Ask Bob Pittman!) Free Preview Here!

This blog URL,, is a Zuma Dogg juggernaut, that he cannot compete with. After a long, early-blog history of five years (plus) of intense blogging, and a huge audience, the traffic here, even if I don't post for a couple days, far exceeds anything I'm able to get goin' on the internet at this point. (This blog URL benefits by a five year head start, during a far less saturated and fragmented era, as mentioned above.)

So I will not go against the advice I preach of my Sun-Tzu based "Marketing Strategy," mentors Al Ries & Jack Trout and will continue to post all my investigative and exclusive political blog posts, here.

However, I wanted to create something more interactive, with more video and audio streams and more content than you may want to experience, here. (Along with some additional topics of interest, this audience is not used to being covered, here.)

You may have heard of Clear Channel's, "" Well, as usual, I think Zuma Dogg came up with something better than the entire Clear Channel corporation. (Which is why they hired me as consultant. And which is why their new CEO/Head Honcho/Most Powerful Executive in Radio 2011, Bob Pittman wrote me a letter, thanking me for my Deming 14 Points article I sent to him. And is why he invited me to his NYC office, in the 90's when I lived in NYC. (Thanks, Bob! He's REALLY a cool guy and it's AMAZING to see a "creative-based" innovative executive at the top of Clear Channel radio, now. BUT, he wasn't around when the company tried to pick the best URL domain name for their attempt to compete against Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, etc -- and try to save the "radio," brand, in general.

Because, last night, for ten bucks, I acquired the ownership rights of

[No offense, but ask a marketing strategist which name is better for a website of internet radio live broadcasts and podcasts? http://iHeartRadio or http://iRadioLIVE? (iHeart might be good for a love songs radio show.)

So, besides the marketing coup...check out, now, and take a look. Cause you can not only link to iHeartRadio, anyway (cause it's fun to listen to stations across the country, even though same commercial stations, unlike XM/Sirrius. IHeartRadio is like "Poor Man's" XM/Sirrius.) AND, I have links to the listen live and podcast sites of top U.S. talk stations and hosts. Check it out, should be able to access everything you need for an online AM/FM radio experience. PLUS, things like links to L.A. City Council Meeting - Live Stream, On-Demand & Agendas. AND, every link is only one click. You don't have to navigate a complicated home page, with tons of ads, to find the listen live or podcast link. [New Video Show from Zuma Dogg for 10/22/11.]

[You can see the links to all posts from THIS ladailyblog.blogspot, as they are posted, at iRadioLIVE. SO GO THEIR FIRST...cause it's more frequently updated; so you won't miss anything. And then, when you see something new posted in the "Zuma Dogg's Political Blog" column, you can link to it from there.]

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