Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zuma Dogg Presents: The Most Valuable, Informative, Transformational Blog Post in Human History (Maybe You Should Take A Peek?)

[PICTURED: Get ready for THIS guy! Already beloved by the masses in Los Angeles. Why deny the U.S.A.? He's ALL yours!]

Welcome to my new blog,, where I will re-post my Twitter tweets, into a single blog page, updated throughout the day and night, as breaking news and/or my prophetic thoughts and concepts merit.

I am here to prove I'm the most genius, prophetic, legendary, treasured and triumphant mind, body & sprit of my generation. (Since JFK was shot, to round it off as a general marking point.) AND, I created this blog and twitter account to change the course of our nation and therefore history. (Not to set the bar too high, but I ALWAYS mean what I say. And history proves me right on a day to day basis; so now it's time to up the level of the competition and hop up on a NATIONAL platform, since L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa [my municipal nemesis] already destroyed L.A. beyond I'm gonna try to save the REST of the U.S.A., before it's too late.)

NO MATTER WHAT ELSE I EVER TWEET FROM HERE...will all be mere application of what is posted on this blog page, in these tweets. So that makes this the most important and valuable blog post in internet history. And I DO mean that. Up to YOU to realize it. Take NO tweet lightly. I thank you and remain

Sincerely Yours,

David Saltsburg
Your Leader & Already Established, "hero to our nation and The People," according to my reader in Wilmington, NC

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE (THE ACTUAL CONTENT) OF WHAT I SET OUT TO BE THE GREATEST, MOST VALUABLE, INFORMATIVE, TRANSFORMATIONAL BLOG POST IN HUMAN HISTORY! Perhaps you should take a look. This is the information that caused the masses to refer to me a, "genius, prophet, hero, legend, treasure, icon." AND YOU CAN TAKE IT ALL IN FOR FREE, RIGHT NOW...and capture 20 years of my relentless work, in a single blog post. [Pay attention to the links within the tweets!]

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