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Zuma Dogg To Subpeona L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa for '09 Election MONEY LAUNDERING (Villaraigosa Needs To Go "On-Record, To Tell What He Knew (Purjury?))

10/21/11 UPDATE: Although TEAM VILLARAIGOSA claims the mayor had NO KNOWLEDGE that his longtime pal Alexander Hugh illegally money laundered $18,000, under 18 names, ALL DONATED ON THE SAME DAY...only to have Hugh's 66 unit Koreatown condo become approved by the city,, makes me think he MAY HAVE KNOW, INDEED! AT LEAST SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! (Villaraigosa, who has been busted for meeting with developers, one day; then having money funnel into his campaign, the next day, in his previous campaign, only raises FURTHER scrutiny -- since Villaraigosa took an international trip to Korea WITH ALEXANDER HUGH! (It's not like they don't know each other. They flew on a plane with each other on a trip together to Korea; Hugh illegally funnels $18K under 18 fraudulent identities/money laundering, then his 66 unit condo is approved. (Wonder if any EIR/community impact/zoning variances/"turn a blind eye" were given (looked the other way, over)?

AND NOW, here's the original post:
2009 Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate (and 2013 L.A. Mayoral Candidate) Zuma Dogg, literally blew another gasket (not many left) when he heard about Alexander Hugh and his money laundering campaign tactics, used in 2009 L.A. Mayoral election, in which Hugh gave money to others, to donate to Villaraigosa's '09 campaign.

ZD has noted how Villar avoided a run-off by a thin (margin of error) of only 5%. Had it not been for THIS (and who know how many other people who employed the same illegal campaign tactics), Villaraigosa probably would have lost. ZD thought all of Villaraigosa's union/developer/mayoral contacts would have been enough: BUT LAUNDERED MONEY HAS TO BE FUNNELED, IN AS WELL.

AND AGAIN, Villaraigosa's spokesperson says Villaraigosa didn't know about the money being laundered and funneled into his '09 campaign, but Zuma Dogg has noted, "This ain't 'Secret Santa,' y'all,"-- and no one funnels money into a campaign, without letting the campaign know! (Why else do it?)

So Vilaraigosa's spokesperson can deny his complicit knowledge and any involvement to conspire (amidst international trips taken with Hugh and approval of his projects), but when Zuma Dogg sues Alexander Hugh, for damages to Mr. Dogg's 2009 L.A. Mayoral campaign, ONE THING IS FOR SURE: Either Villaraigosa will be NAMED AS A DEFENDANT HIMSELF (which I'm leaning toward, because I think he knew) -- OR VILLARAIGOSA WILL BE SUBPENAED BY MR. DOGG'S LEGAL REPRESENTATION, FOR MAYOR VILLARAIGOSA TO GO ON RECORD, IN THE COURT OF LAW, UNDER RISK OF PERJURY, TO SAY WHAT HE KNEW AND WHAT HIS INVOLVEMENT WAS IN THIS MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEME, IN WHICH HUGH WAS GIVEN MAXIMUM FINE, THIS WEEK.

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WHAT A DAY! Hi, Antonio.

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