Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BREAKING: Rosendahl Breaks News To Zuma Dogg That Trutanich Said, "NO," to Councilman's Request To Settle ZD For FEDERAL DAMAGES: Prophet Zuma Dogg Predicts He Will Not Make It Through Holidays...

The headline says it all, and the rest is in the tweet column. Basically, although there is no imminent/immediate threat, Zuma Dogg has been hangin' on, over a year, for a damage money the city owes me for over four years of FEDERAL VIOLATIONS that prevented me from earning an income; causing my homelessness; and severe state diagnosed disability ensued; as the recognized prophet has done the math and now predicts his own death by year's end. He's pretty stubborn, as you all know, as has been optimistically hangin' in there, cause he's got a decade invested in being L.A. County's most beloved legendary performing and civil rights fighting icon -- and every day is a triumphant celebration, of what has been  mostly, a round the clock, 365 day a year, ZUMA DOGG APPRECIATION DAY PARADE, over the past decade, as the countless thousands inspired me to drudge through another day as an unpaid TV producer, then City activist/blogger/gadfly. I DO FEEL I AM THE MOST BLESSED PERSON IN TOWN, because MY creative output was not written by a team of Hollywood writers or political think tank. There were no agents. managers, producers, networks, scripts, billboards, ads or promotion. I EARNED EACH AND EVERY ACCOLADE THE HARD WAY...in a channel surf, competing against 200, or more, programming options, with MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS SPENT PRODUCING AND PROMOTING THE TV SHOW OR POLITICAL MESSAGE.

But no network or elected official was able to buy, what I did, effortlessly, as I tried to STOP, the entire time. So it's been a magical trail, blazed over the past decade. I've seen the BEST in people, because when Zuma Dogg gets to see people, they are always smiling and happy.

And even as I type this, my spirits remain SOARING, based on the collective consciousness energy I generated by trying to do as big of a "cannonball" in the free L.A. media, as possible, each day. HOLLYWOOD wouldn't let me be a part of their world, so I had to create my own.

At this point, it's not about spirits, but biochemistry that has degenerated into a condition that REALLY IS unsafe for me to be walking around, trying to make it through the day, under these nutrition levels. My rent is increasing by FIVE TIMES (5X) the amount, in December.

It would be GREAT if some miracle happened, and I suddenly got some paid gig, I could handle, that could sustain me. Or win the lottery, or some benevolent fan of ZD leaves me a million dollars in their will, and their lawyer calls me, sometime soon, and I could say to the L.A. City Attorney Office, I'll settle for a dollar, Austin Beutner style, cause I can afford the luxury, and don't need the money and want to keep it in the general fund.

But, unfortunately, that most likely ain't gonna happen, and won't become a luxury I can afford. It's a big game for L.A. City Hall, but it is a real human being that they have damaged, and the money is needed to mitigate those damages. And it appears the noose is tightening in December, as my rent increases 5X, during the holidays, known to be "suicide season," when everyone is away and busy with their holiday season.

I'll see what I can do.

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