Monday, November 28, 2011

CARMEN TRUTAINCH, ANTONIO VILLARAIOGSA, HERB WESSON: Zuma Dogg Tweets About The City Attorney, Mayor & Council President [11/28/11 UPDATES]

"Never knew WHY Trutanich wrapped his hands around my throat and shook my head around, but WHATEVER I said/blogged, A HIGHLY-VOLATILE AND ILLEGAL RESPONSE!" - Zuma Dogg on Carmen Trutanich walking up, wrapping both hands around ZD's throat and shaking his head back and forth. I know A LOT of City Hall elected officials may have THOUGHT OF/WANTED to do that...but we have a city attorney, who actually could not CONTROL HIS IMPULSE, AND ACTUALLY DID IT! (Ask him how it felt to strangle ZD by the throat and shake his head back and forth. Oh, I guess it must have been all in fun?)

To: City Attorney Carmen Trutanich (Who PROMISED voters he WOULD NOT run for DA.)
Fr: Zuma Dogg (YOU work for ME, CLOWN!)
Re: Your Whining About Zuma Dogg's Blogging About You, To Other People

Dear Carmen (A Man, even though his name is Carmen),

This is to officially request that you do not waste your valuable time, a "world-class" legal strategy mind (even though I beat you in Federal Court, without using an attorney) WHINING to people about Zuma Dogg & DragnetLA's blogging, about your performance as City Attorney. You are an elected, public official. I thought you were a big, tough, boxer from a tough neighborhood. Given that City Council has lost confidence in your performance, and have to spend money on outside counsel (including $150K, this month, to hire outside counsel for "Venice Beach related lawsuits," WHEN YOU JUST SPENT PAST YEAR, BURNING UP YOUR STAFF/MONEY ON THIS STUFF...REMEMBER, "MARTIN DOCTRINE?" Turns out, THAT was a big waste of money, too), the most widely recognized political voice in the City (ZUMA DOGG) is requesting you shut the fuck up with your sissy whining about my blogging, AND STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR DUTIES AS L.A.s ELECTED TOP LAW ENFORCER!The people elected and are paying you to DEFEND THE CITY AGAINST CRIMINALS...NOT YOUR EGO! (And I hope they are not one in the same. More on that...LATER!) IF YOU ARE READING THIS, TRUTANICH, CLOSE YOUR BROWSER -- AND GET BACK TO WORK, CLOWN!

  • NUCH: Ya didn't know I knew "Brokeback Mountain" story, as witnesses alleged, who were there. ZD has file on U, big as YOUR file on Weiss. about a minute ago
  • CARMEN TRUTANICH: NO, as a matter of fact I DO NOT have anything better to do all day than tweet/blog about YOU! U R reason I'm still in LA. 3 minutes ago
  • TRUTANICH: When Rocky promoted Llewellyn, over you, did you say, "Ain't workin' for no Brokeback Mountain, and quit," as witnesses alleged? 6 minutes ago
  • POLITICS MAKES STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: L.A.'s TOP LAW ENFORCER (Trutanich) is using a political consultant named in current FBI investigation. 12 minutes ago
  • CARMEN TRUTANICH: Your CURRENT political consultant John Shallman is CURRENTLY named in an FBI investigation about campaign fraud. EXPLAIN? 14 minutes ago
  • @DragnetLA A Public Records Request would get to bottom of what Dan R was doing at DA campaign event. Phone/Email w Trutanich would reveal. 16 minutes ago
  • MESSY: Trutanich hires Dan (OBAMA LA logistics) to find special grant money for Trutanich. Dan seen monitoring DA campaign event. FOR NUCH? 17 minutes ago
  • CARMEN TRUTANICH: Did you pay Dan Raskov (LA city staffer paid out of General Fund) to work as operative for your DA campaign, as reported? 23 minutes ago
  • WHAT'S 1st THING U DO AS NEW CITY ATTORNEY: Threaten to lock up/jail, only black female councilmember. Ain't taking no crap from HER, Nuch? 27 minutes ago
  • ALERT: If you see C Trutanich approaching you=keep safe distance. HE TOOK BOTH HANDS, WRAPPED THEM AROUND MY NECK and SHOOK MY HEAD AROUND. [Try it, AGAIN, and see what happens, CLOWN! You wanna try it again? you...OLD THUG?]
  • CARMEN TRUTANICH: You are coming off as an obsessive, ego-maniac clown, bro. People R TIRED of hearing u WHINE about ZD's blogging on you. 31 minutes ago
  • TRUTANICH: Don't be a CLOWN: Council has to hire outside counsel, you waste so much time. STOP WASTING TIME WHINING ABOUT ZD'S BLOGGING. LOL 33 minutes ago
  • CARMEN TRUTANICH: You work to defend LA City, NOT YOUR EGO! Stop wasting time whining to EVERYONE ABOUT ZUMA DOGG & GET BACK TO WORK, CLOWN! 35 minutes ago
  • CARMEN TRUTANICH prides himself as being a boxer. But ZD has him BOXED IN @Venice. LOL! How are your knees Nuch? Stay outta the ring, OLD MAN. about 5 hours ago
  • VIDEO: NO WONDER, Carmen Trutanich called me on my phone, Thanksgiving '08 to say, "Zuma Dogg, if there's ONE PERSON I'm thankful for meeting, this Thanksgiving, it's YOU!" (ME...Zuma Dogg!) Look at this amateur rookie, being introduced to voters by a true political icon, who rolled out the red ZD carpet, cause he looked confused and needed the help on his campaign. He was driving all over, but NEVER at the KEY events, with MOST people, like DWP weekend meetings, with 200 people...REMEMBER, CARMEN? It's was my pleasure. But it turned out you are the city's DISPLEASURE, and I will never support another candidate, again...based on your 180 degree, time/money wasting on your vindictive activist legislation, overall "Clownishness" and low-class performance, from what had turned out to be a low-grade, true asshole, who has pissed off just about EVERY former supporter, alive. [I guess Baca and Mort Allen are gonna have to get ya into the DA's office. GOOD LUCK, NUCH!] AND STOP WAVING THOSE MEAT HOOKS AROUND MY THROAT! YOU HAVE AN IMPULSE PROBLEM!!!

  • YOU DUMMY MAYOR VILLARAIGOSA: If you read "Art of War," you would KNOW, YOU DO NOT PER-ANNOUNCE A RAID/EVICTION. You'd make LOUSY repo man. about 13 hours ago
  • RT @mayorsam: Had they listened to @zumadogg weeks ago they would have avoided this mess #occupyLA [That's what I say, y'all...] about 13 hours ago
  • SOMEONE GET LAPD, Sun-Tzu "Art of War. A MOB CROWD cause they ANNOUNCE cops coming at 12mid. NOW-tactical alert cause you per-announced. DOH about 13 hours ago
  • TRANSLATION: "Citywide tactical alert"=Make sure ALL COPS/EMS stand by, ring up overtime, but DO NOT DO A THING! I REPEAT DO NOT DO A THING! about 13 hours ago
  • CLEARLY, L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa is good for ONE THING...and ONE THING, ONLY...NOTHING! about 13 hours ago
  • Hi, I'm weak, coward,no-heart pussy. Can't hurt feelings. Letting u know WHEN we're coming, so 1000s more can join/take over. City retreats. about 13 hours ago
  • The PEOPLE of L.A. LOSE: Mayor Antonio is a spineless, no heart, coward. A PUSSY who doesn't get "Art of War," so ANARCHY CULT MOB STAYS! about 13 hours ago
  • CONGRATULATIONS to NEW L.A. City Council President HERB WESSON, who closes year with MOST FBI BUSTS/PROBES in single council district. about 13 hours ago
  • FBI INVESTIGATES HOUSING DEPT=HERB WESSON WAS HOUSING CHAIR. KOREATOWN BRIBES=Wesson district. Housing Window Bribe Taking=Wesson District. about 13 hours ago
  • LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is HELL BENT on convincing community HE is right on ACE program and it's good. Makes people hate him more. about 13 hours ago
  • WESSON: I know u told me, ZD won fair and square and you would approve settlement, but one hasn't been put in front of you." REMEMBER THAT! about 13 hours ago
  • GOOD MORNING , HERB WESSON: The Herb Wesson Era of "The Zuma Dogg Era," beings TODAY, since U R Council Prez & Recs/Park Committee. Welcome! about 13 hours ago
  • CLASS ACT: While on stage, introducing his family during victory speech, Trutanich calls his daughter, "The Brat." I'm sure she LOVED it! :( about 14 hours ago
  • More people LEFT LA/CA than moved here, for 1st time EVER, cause businesses moved/took people with em. BUT BLAME NYC BANKERS, NOT CITY HALL! about 14 hours ago
  • WHY IT DOESN'T ADD UP: Villaragiosa would NEVER turn against/remove or protect others from illegal crowd of law breakers. HIS BREAD & BUTTER about 14 hours ago
  • WATCH ZUMA DOGG PURPOSEFULLY MAKE THE LITTLE PUNK MAYOR SQUIRM, WITH HIS "KRYPTONITE" QUESTION: "Mayor, can I talk to you about added transparency with the gang intervention program?" ZD DOES NOT LET HIM OFF THE HOOK, AND YOU CAN SEE THE CROWD LOOK ON, AS MAYOR MAKES ENTRANCE INTO HUGE LIVE EVENT, AS ONLOOKERS WATCH ZD GRILL THE MORON-MAYOR. (Villar...I've been CHUMPIN' your punk-ass, just for my own entertainment, for 5 years, now. And NOW, I have REALLY lost respect for you. Gonna start talking about "family values,"and the fact that you didn't have any. (Just ask your wife, kids or Mirthala?):

  • CARMEN, CARMEN, CARMEN: I've been doing this, too long! You have me HOWLING, tonight. Are you gonna "GET" ZD on a blog post about pumpkins? about 14 hours ago
  • SOME PEOPLE ARE SO TRANSPARENT! Are you REALLY up at 11p on Sunday, scanning my blog for something to "GET" me on, former pal? LOL! U R SICK about 14 hours ago
  • SHADY!: We all KNOW how hard TRUTANICH went after OTHER political protestors. BUT DID NOTHING TO ENSURE SAFETY @ City Hall park on OccupyLA? about 14 hours ago
  • CARMEN TRUTANICH: WHY even HAVE a police force, if you can't even keep the public park at city hall clear. MOST BASIC MUNICIPAL TASK. DOH! about 14 hours ago
  • VILLARAIOGSA DOESN'T HAVE POWER, HEART or GUTS to STAND UP and DO JOB as Mayor for the REAL… about 15 hours ago
  • TRUTANICH FAMILY has LONG history in San Pedro area. ZD hears things. Hey Nuch, seen the adorable Perry, lately? She SURE knows U, alright. about 15 hours ago
  • Talk about "Darkness on Edge of Town." Take a drive over to San Pedro where Nuch raised his family. Ask around. Hear not so nice stories. about 15 hours ago
  • @DragnetLA Imagine a wave of ZD triggered Public Record Requests for City Hall, just before holiday break. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ZD! about 15 hours ago
  • KISS's ACE Frehley character is SUPPOSED to be from outer space. Trutanich's ACE Program is not. SOUNDLY REJECTED by Council & The People. about 15 hours ago
  • When RockyD promoted Llewellyn over OTHER ATTORNEY who wanted promotion, did he storm out saying, "Ain't working for no Brokeback Mountain?" about 16 hours ago
  • Did a former Delgadillo attorney storm out door, saying, "I ain't working for no Brokeback Mountain," after being passed over for promotion? about 16 hours ago
  • "HAVE YOUR KID EAT LEAD PAINT! HAVE YOUR KID EAT LEAD PAINT!" - C Trutanich to cancer patient/mom at Town Hall. 1st indication: NUCH=A DICK! about 16 hours ago
  • #Trutanich, don't be a CLOWN!: U don't get hospitalized over holidays for THC. U were once hospitalized over holidays=BEWARE TOO MUCH BOOZE! about 16 hours ago
  • Thoughts/prayers to Carmen Trutanich's son, Nick, recovering from Iraq injury. (Soccer during lawyer convention.) Nuch played for sympathy. about 16 hours ago
  • Trutanich: As LA City Attorney, ZD NEEDS you in PEAK PERFORMING STATE! If my blogging is upsetting you, THAT MUCH, ask me to stop, I will. about 16 hours ago
  • HOW IS IT, that LA City Attorney has ALL THAT POWER & PLATFORM and he is disrupting City Hall WHINING about ZD's blog. What a control freak. about 16 hours ago
  • TRUTANICH: Burning voter groups=fast. Offers meeting to housing group/never has meeting=EXTENDING FAKE OFFER PISSED EM OFF WORSE THAN ISSUE! about 16 hours ago
  • LA ATTORNEY TRUTANICH=A Scorpion who ALWAYS BURNS & NEVER learns. NUCH=you PISSED OFF housing group you offered meeting to, and never gave. about 16 hours ago
  • SHEER SPECULATIVE QUESTION: Is It Possible Steve Cooley IS Going to Run Again? about 16 hours ago

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