Monday, November 7, 2011 60 Minute Episode: Zuma Dogg at Occupy LA & City Hall (Mob Attacks Non-Occupier & City Hall CORRUPTION EXPOSED by City Hall's Top Gadfly)

Welcome to A place where Zuma Dogg is streaming his videos from Occupy LA (the culture and the MOB ATTACK with [lack of] police response/they watch/stand idle). Also, I went through the web of clips across YouTube and Ustream and put them together into this episode. Including, Zuma Dogg tries to get Occupiers to SPEAK INSIDE COUNCIL CHAMBERS, where it counts (and Occupier replies, "We're not that smart...we might lose out pot.) Plus, USC students interview Zuma Dogg on Occupy LA (and get a REAL EARFUL on OVERALL CITY HALL CORRUPTION, as they agree Occupy ain't the credible, political movement they thought it would to be). Plus, Zuma Dogg BLASTS CITY COUNCIL on LIVE TV, during PUBLIC COMMENT time during the televised meeting...and more CORRUPTION well as ZD walking around the Occupy LA grounds, showing some "compliance/safety" issues (which is why you are required to get a permit) -- AND, POLITICAL CHANGE THROUGH YOGA! YES, it's basically YOGA CAMP, at OccupyLA! SORRY TO DISRUPT YOUR MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR GLOBAL SOLIDARITY OF THE MOVEMENT, to quote the "moment of silence" lady, who the next day, was the main perpetrator in the physical attack, against me, as u can see in this video. It wraps up with my call into a local LA Talk Show about the whole (legal) matter.

APPETIZER (INTRO): 99% of you probably didn't see this, cause it was buried in the middle of a Ustream video you probably didn't sit through (slow parts), so here's the edited version, as I've been mentioning to people. I see NO ONE from Occupy LA is ACTUALLY INSIDE THE COUNCIL CHAMBERS, for the meeting, so I go outside to try and rustle up a few sleeping Dead Head/Burning Man leftovers and whatever homeless people have moved onto the city hall lawn. YOU HEAR A GUY SAY, "We're not that smart. Some of us go to eat...and then we lose our pot." (I guess he meant, if he leaves his tent to go inside to the meeting, a fellow occupier may sneak into his tent and steal his pot. ALSO, a lot of issues with having to empty your pockets, in general, from the crowd. DOESN'T TAKE MUCH, TO SILENCE YOUR SELF! And if you listen to the ASA guy, at the end, about Medical Marijuana, you can hear an Occupier tell me, "I'll speak when I want to speak." (OK, how about AS SOON AS THE COUNCIL MEETING IS OVER!  And by the way, bro...I wasn't trying to DRAG anyone...I was trying to let people know, in case they didn't, which 99% of the 1% did NOT know!

POLITICAL TV STREAM (11/7/11) Zuma Dogg at Occupy LA & City Hall - Part One (55 mins)

NEW VIEWERS; you'll like this, cause it's ALL NEW MATERIAL. To anyone/everyone else who has already seen this in bits and pieces as embedded videos on my Ustream page, this will be a nice way to kick back and watch an hour version of it all. FYI: Some footage recorded on 3G Ustream "freezes" in playback. NOT your computer. As long as you are still hearing audio, the video is still streaming.

HERE is the 20 minute show from 10/26/11, on my first visit to Occupy LA encampment, the trip before I came back with my amp to try singing and speaking. (Aka: Once I saw the festive crowd, I wanted to be a part of it.) THIS IS THE VIDEO FEATURED BY LA WEEKLY, and I get a LOT of political hits in, throughout this segment. (CITY HALL CORRUPTION EXPOSED! I JAM IT IN AND INFUSE IT IN EACH VIDEO!:

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