Sunday, November 27, 2011

SPECULATIVE QUESTION: Is Steve Cooley Going to Run Again? (And Some Tweets About Carmen Trutanich, Who PROMISED VOTERS He Wasn't Running For D.A.!)

DISCLAIMER: Zuma Dogg reports on municipal fraud, waste and abuse as it applies to agenda actions, for the most part, and does not get into speculative questions (rumors/gossip), unless it's based on inside-info, he already knows is going to happen/become true.

But, tonight something came across my Google blog search stats dashboard, that I check throughout the day, to gain KINGPIN information. (Though I don't monitor/can't see people's IP addresses, don't know where my views are coming from, I LEARN A LOT by seeing what keywords are linking to what blog posts.)

So, I may as well share something that caught my attention, tonight, worth mentioning, because I AM curious if anyone has heard anything about this, or if it can even be a possibility:

KEYWORD: "California Steve Cooley is going to run again."

If you notice, it's not a question, but a statement. Is someone trying to send one to ZD? Is Steve Cooley going to announce that he is going to challenge puppet-spokes-model Attorney General Kamala Harris in the next Attorney General election. It's a slow news day, Sunday, so I don't mind wasting blog space, posing the question.

ALSO: Looks to ZD like the FBI works on Sunday and they are still working on pension fraud/people associated with Elliot Broidy.

AND NUCH...are YOU reading, tonight? Based on ZD's forensic research, looks like it may be my displeasure and, once again, YOUR privlidge. READ AND LEARN FROM THE MASTER. YOUR MASTER! THE MASTER WHO BEAT YOU, EFFORTLESSLY, IN FEDERAL COURT. (So I'd say the descriptions fit! EMBRACE IT, INFERIOR "WORLD-CLASS LEGAL STRATEGIST" CLOWN,"from your LEGAL SUPERIOR MASTER & VICTOR! (You make it easy, Nuch!)

SINCE THIS IS A SHORT BLOG POST, HERE ARE SOME TWEETS ABOUT THE L.A. CITY ATTORNEY OFFICE, PAST & PRESENT. Mostly stuff about Carmen Trutanich. Saving NEW ANVILS for January if he breaks promise to voters and decides to run for District Attorney...we KNOW he WON'T be doing that, cause he promised voters he WOULD NOT be doing that. HE SPECIFICALLY SAID, "I WILL NOT DO THAT!"

  • "HAVE YOUR KID EAT LEAD PAINT! HAVE YOUR KID EAT LEAD PAINT!" - C Trutanich to cancer patient/mom at Town Hall. 1st indication: NUCH=A DICK! 9 minutes ago
  • #Trutanich, don't be a CLOWN!: U don't get hospitalized over holidays for THC. U were once hospitalized over holidays=BEWARE TOO MUCH BOOZE! 18 minutes ago
  • Thoughts/prayers to Carmen Trutanich's son, Nick, recovering from Iraq injury. (Playing soccer during lawyer trip.) Nuch played for sympathy on radio saying, "Haven't made decision to run for D.A., yet, in part, cause I'm helping my son Nick recover from a Iraq injury." ZD felt so bad, I checked out to see what happened. SOCCER INJURY/NON-MILITARY RELATED. HE FORGOT TO SAY THAT! 23 minutes ago
  • Trutanich: As LA City Attorney, ZD NEEDS you in PEAK PERFORMING STATE! If my blogging is upsetting you, THAT MUCH, ask me to stop, I will. 25 minutes ago
  • When Rocky Delgadillo promoted Llewellyn over OTHER ATTORNEY who wanted promotion, did he storm out saying, "Ain't working for no Brokeback Mountain?" 2 minutes ago
  • Did a former Delgadillo attorney storm out door, saying, "I ain't working for no Brokeback Mountain," after being passed over for promotion? 6 minutes ago
  • HOW IS IT, that LA City Attorney Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich has ALL THAT POWER & PLATFORM, but is disrupting City Hall/anyone who will listen, with his WHINING about ZD's blogging about him. What a control freak! (If you can't take it, Nuch, just ask, and I'll stop. I need the LA City Attorney in PEAK Performing State...AND FOCUSED!!! 26 minutes ago
  • TRUTANICH: Burning voter groups=fast. Offers meeting to housing group/never has meeting=EXTENDING FAKE/UNFULFILLED MEETING OFFER PISSED EM OFF WORSE THAN ISSUE AND NOT OFFERING A MEETING, AT ALL! 28 minutes ago
  • LA ATTORNEY TRUTANICH=A Scorpion who ALWAYS BURNS & NEVER learns. NUCH=you PISSED OFF housing group you offered meeting to, and never gave. 32 minutes ago

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