Tuesday, November 15, 2011

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg on Fox 11 News Regarding Santa Monica Food Truck Restictions

As usual, Zuma Dogg weighing in on municipal matter, against the grain of the other community members who don't know squat about the laws. AND, I CONGRATULATE the City of Santa Monica City Attorney, who did NOT reach too far, in an attempt to manipulate economic scales...and BY DESIGN, limited the food truck ban, to a specific street, for a limited period of only 2 hours (1a-3a), over a true safety issue. NO ONE CAN ACCUSE SANTA MONICA OF TRYING TO "GET RID" OF THE TRUCKS. (My comment is not about L.A. food trucks, but the process and "NON-ACTIVIST" City Attorney legislation. I'd like to see that in the L.A. CITY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE! How much city money does Carmen Trutanich BURN THROUGH, "going after" things -- in which he ends up LOSING cause he reaches too far, as an activist city attorney. LOSER with a CAPITAL "L!" And you ARE a LOSER, Trutanich...YOU LOST TO ME, ZUMA DOGG, IN FEDERAL COURT ON 1st AMENDMENT ISSUES, YOU LOW-CLASS, CHUMP-ASS, "L"OSERRRR! (How's your son's IRAQ INJURY? You almost had my deepest sympathy, till I investigated, and found out it was playing soccer at a lawyer conference in Iraq. LOL! THANKS FOR YOUR SON'S SERVICE...PLAYING SOCCER ON A TRIP, that YOU, Carmen Trutnaich EXPLOITED on the radio. LOL! Shameless, AND a "L"OSER! And now, TRUTANICH'S SUPERIOR LEGAL MIND, WHO KICKED HIS ASS IN FEDERAL COURT (ME!) SPEAKS ON FOX 11 NEWS ON MUNICIPAL MATTER. (Cause I am KNOWN for getting things RIGHT, Carmen Douchetanich, you RED CLOWN NOSE, WHITE PAINT ON YOUR FACE, CARMEN "THE CLOWN" TRULOSERTANICH!

As a local resident of the area, who is affected by this issue, as I hear the rowdy crowd, every Friday and Saturday night in the 2am hour...WHICH INEVITABLY RESULTS IN ONE OR TWO SHOUTING MATCHES BETWEEN DRUNK MORONS. I can FORGET about sleeping until 3am, on those nights.

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