Thursday, November 17, 2011

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg - Tragedy!

Not exactly the time capsule version, I was hoping for (sound quality not that great), but for those of you who haven't been lucky enough to witness Zuma Dogg LIVE singing Bee Gees, here's one of his, "spotlights hittin' something to be known to change the weather," show-stoppers. Again, kinda more annoying sounding, than musical, on this bad audio, Ustream audio...BUT, you can CLEARLY tell, I STILL GOT IT, as I hit the highest Barry Gibb, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" of all, at the end of the song! So triumphantness, ensues, on this most un-triumphant day of tragedy.

[I SWEAR it sounds WAY better in ACTUAL live setting with ACTUAL DJ sound board mix. But I enjoyed the playback and even laughed. And it's not like I'm hurting my marquee value. So hope you have fun, listening.]

You say, "Gee Zuma Dogg, you say you are so bad off, but you crank out the Bee Gees performance." First of all, I just had a slimfast shake. The only thing I had all day. But, more importantly, I can't start smashing things with an aluminum baseball this is how crazy people deal with it, for a moment of time. And, it's not exactly like I chose to sing James Brown, "I Feel Good." The song itself is a message. It's about Andy Gibb. How'd it go for him. I relate to every sentence, FULLY! It's my THEME SONG. And that's why I sang it. So I had 4 minutes and 20 seconds of "outlet" expression, based on toxic fuel, and forgot about the pain, for 8 mintues and 40 seconds (had fun watching it back)...and now, it's, "on with the countdown..."

11PM UPDATE: Short of having to try to sell you on what I've done over past five years, and would like to continue doing, can community organize and have someone meet me in Venice in Morning with a $20 bill to get me caught up on nutrition and get through day. It's 11PM, and I want to GOUGE SOMETHING! I NEED SOLID FOOD! I NEED TO EAT MORE THAN A SLIMFAST SHAKE. Maybe out of the 1300 who read my blog, yesterday...a few folks can figure out how to get a $20 in my hand, so I can carry on, without the drama and true unsafe situation I am suffering. And it involves a human heart and a left arm. And bipolar outrage, that creates unsafe situations under otherwise innocuous circumstances.

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