Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zuma Dogg Predicts Eli Broad & Ron Burkle Will Merge Billions To Buy Dodgers (With Mayor Villaraigosa Screaming NO ONE FROM OUTSIDE L.A. SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO OWN!) Bankruptcy Court Will Award to HIGHEST BIDDER!

The tug of war is on for ownership rights to the most undervalued sports franchise in the U.S., the L.A. Dodgers.

ZD does not cover sports, and I haven't watched a sports game in 20 years; but now that L.A. Mayor Villariagosa is SHOOTING OFF HIS DUMB CORRUPT MOUTH about the issue, that makes it MY municipal issue. SO HERE IS THE ACCESSMENT OF THE SITUATION:


L.A. MAYOR MAFIA MOB BOSS PUPPET ANTONIO #VILLARAIGOSA makes DUMBEST comment he has EVER made. (And that is not easy to do, even for him.) /L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa actually said, on mic, on purpose, during a press conference that whoever the new Dodger's owner is, should be someone local, from within the City of Los Angeles. ARE YOU KIDDING? Does Villaragiosa think he has ANY say/influence/leverage, just cause he is a mafia mob boss, sloppy puppet, in a pair of ELEVATOR SHOES? What if the best operator, who can provide MLB and fans with the best franchise is CLEARLY someone from outside the EXTREMELY LIMITED L.A. area? Are Dodgers fans supposed to SUFFER/BE PENALIZED with a team run by an inferior operator, just because of their current zip code? This is SERIOUSLY the DUMBEST thing I have EVER heard. SO HERE IS WHAT IMMEDIATELY COMES TO MIND: OBVIOUSLY, VILLARAIGOSA ALREADY HAS SOMEONE who wants to buy the team, who lives in the area; they have their MOB meat hooks in the weak, desperate puppet, Antonio Villaraigosa, so he has to pitch this "MUST BE LOCAL ANGLE," cause MARK CUBAN has ALSO expressed interest in buying the Dodgers, and Villar KNOWS HIS mob-connected interested party is a "close but no cigar" candidate for ownership, when compared on a playing field of ALL, MOST QUALIFIED, qualified candidates. SO ANTONIO, you have a city falling apart to fix: KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT ON ANY AND EVERY ITEM THAT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH, YOU FBI INVESTIGATED MAFIA-MOB PUPPETONIO! GO SHOVE YOUR LEFT ELEVATOR SHOE UP YOUR ASS! (OR, the right one...either one, or BOTH of your ELEVATOR SHOES, Antonio.)


It doesn't matter what the fuck Villaraigosa thinks: The Dodgers sale will be handled through bankruptcy court; will go to auction; and will go to highest bidder. And they don't look for the zip code of where the check is being written from.

But don't worry, Mark Cuban is only embarrassing himself, cause I researched his assets, and he isn't BIG enough to "Go All The Way!"

Many billionaire factions will be competing for this undervalued franchise asset (after it's been run into the ground).

The team should go for about $1.2 billion, and most likely will cause two moguls to merge, cause it will probably get THAT big.

AND, if Villaragiosa is screaming for an L.A. area zip code resident to be the new owner, kinda a limited field of local billionaires. SO THEN, all you have to do is say, "WHO ARE THE EGO BILLIONAIRES DUMB ENOUGH TO INVEST IN A DYING/DIMINISHING ASSET (which is what it REALLY is in MY opinion)...that KNOW and push around Antonio Villaraigosa?

ELI "BROADFATHER" BROAD & RON "JERKLE" BURKLE are the only two that ZUMA DOGG has already written about (in his Kingpin script and in non-fiction blog posts on REAL corruption) that come to mind.

SO GIVEN THE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT L.A. Dodgers are an undervalued asset; and will go to highest bidder in court auction (not Villar's nutty thuggery that doesn't reach to MBL/Bankruptcy Courts, only L.A. Superior Court) will take a merger of billionaire camps to make a BIG ENOUGH OFFER to fend of mini-moguls like Mark Cuban; Broad/Burkle (known partners in "crime") will become new owners of L.A. Dodgers.

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