Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Zuma Dogg Sings About The Darkness on the Edge of Town (Song About L.A. City Hall) ZD's HOLIDAY MUSIC VIDEO SERIES

Last time my mom came to visit, she saw the magic mini-karaoke amp, enough to cut through any OccupyLA "moment of peace for global unity," moment, along with world-famous "ECHO" (I'M ALLOWED TO USE ECHO), in the window of a local thrift shop. It was only $30, which was extremely undervalued, cause it was also new -- and WAY MORE AMPLIFICATION than needed to get me into trouble on the Venice boardwalk. AND SHE WANTED ME TO BE ON THE VENICE BOARDWALK...DOING SOMETHING!!! TO MAKE MONEY!!! She doesn't like hearing about how much fun I have in Malibu, singing for the "A" listers. She likes when I sing for the dontators...on the boardwalk...when I am singing, rapping and performing. So she got me the amp. BUT, the first time I took it out, LAPD violated my rights, and the councilman had to intervene and get the Captain involved; then the Lt called to apologize; then the City Attorney called LAPD and said, stop doing the things you are doing to Zuma Dogg; then I had to go to LAPD Police Commission & Council meetings, to put it on the record. THEN, the next time I went out, couldn't perform, cause knife-wielding food vendors scream over my singing, when they aren't allowed to be there. And it's TOTALLY UNSAFE, now. SO I AM STUCK INSIDE, disabled and degenerating. Not that this is the BEST performance or sound quality; but it's a slice of life of a day in the life of a former Venice performer, who can't go on the boardwalk to perform, but a performer is still gonna perform. Even if it's only to himself.

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