Friday, December 23, 2011

12/23/11: Occupy LA Costs L.A. $3 Million, Talk Show/Comedy Rant on Tax Cuts, Obama A Mere Puppet To International Powers? And Villaraigosa A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FAILURE (SEE FEDERAL INVESTIGATIONS!)


@ZumaDogg Tweets:
  • ladailynews: Impound policy change for unlicensed motorists leads to feud (AS it should.) 6 minutes ago
  • latimes: Calif. Senate GOP leader Bob Dutton to step down 7 minutes ago
  • KFINEWS: An LA city councilman says the two-month Occupy LA camp will cost taxpayers at least $3 million. 8 minutes ago
  • VILLAR & COUNCIL INVITED/ENABLED/ALLOWED: ladailynews: City gets $2.4 million bill for Occupy L.A. protest 9 minutes ago
  • CAN'T RUN COUNTRY, IF YOU CAN'T GET SIGNATURES: #Rick_Perry fails to submit signatures to get on Virginia ballot 11 minutes ago
  • dakotacdsmith: City Councilman Dennis Zine wants to sue Occupy LA to recoup $2.35 million bill to city, 13 minutes ago
  • latimes: San Diego D.A. probes school construction contracts 13 minutes ago
  • RT @CNBCtopStories: Obama, Boehner on Payroll Tax Deal $$ #SquawkBox 14 minutes ago
  • LET'S SEE WHAT A KNOWLEDGEABLE LEADER HAS TO SAY: RT @Newt2012HQ: Newt Gingrich Statement on Payroll Tax Cut Extension about 2 hours ago
  • Dear What $20/Week For 2 Months=$160 Obama Tweeters: Bohener didn't throw away political career to have you buy iPhone accessories for Xmas! about 2 hours ago
  • Dear "What $20/Week For 2 Months=$160" Obama Tweeters: Bohener did throw away political career to have you buy iPhone accessories for Xmas! about 2 hours ago
  • People Who Tweeted Obama=$20/wk means, "water insulin/baby formula/kids food for 2 wks=XMAS, a SPIRITUAL, not CONSUMER holiday.DO NOT SPEND! about 2 hours ago
  • Dear Those Who Tweeted Obama on What $20/wk Means To YOUR Family, X-mas is SPIRITUAL, not CONSUMER Holiday. Can't afford, "water?" NO GIFTS! about 2 hours ago
  • Hope those Obama Props who tweeted how much $20 a week means to THEIR family, only has basic cable, doesn't go to movies & no MAC products! about 2 hours ago
  • HOW YOU KNOW the Keystone Pipeline will NEVER be built, no matter HOW MANY U.S. jobs it creates=HUGO CHAVEZ DOESN'T WANT IT/SAYS, "NO!" about 2 hours ago
  • Reason for things like "Fast /Furious," & GOOD IDEAS KILLED by White House=A U.S. Pres is merely puppet of International drug kingpins. HUGO about 2 hours ago
  • FAST & FURIOUS: Wonder how many guns/killers Obama & Holder would have announced they recovered/arrested HAD THEIR SCHEME NOT BEEN EXPOSED? about 2 hours
  • Ever notice=doesn't matter who's U.S. Pres? Certain things DON'T CHANGE that MAKE SENSE. White House=merely U.S. Port of International mob. about 2 hours ago
  • When I became a high-profile, public gadfly, and insiders tutored me on L.A./U.S.A. Govt corruption, you need a PASSPORT to get to the top! about 3 hours ago
  • Obama will do ANYTHING to keep Keystone pipeline from being built/reducing dependency on his TRUE BOSS, Hugo Chavez. Barack ain't allowed! about 3 hours ago
  • ZD'S 1st Sponsored Blog Ad: Someone saw my views are up in '11, so wanted to advertise this LAST MINUTE X-MAS GIFT! about 3 hours ago
  • OBAMA is One-Trick-Pony LOSER! L.A. Council is 2 yrs ahead of US. We've already seen his LOSER playbook. MORE blame GOP blame GAME=Jan '12. about 3 hours ago
  • After New Year, we'll find out what shady bullshit is up President "Mr. Hawaii's" sleeve. GOP wanted FULL YEAR of payroll/unemp extension. about 3 hours ago
  • Thank GOD Republican PEOPLE-HATERS caved & let families have $20/wk=$160. Pizza night=ON, babies get to LIVE and SICK get water & insulin! about 3 hours ago
  • Thank GOD anti-human Republicans passed the fucking handouts. WHOLE COUNTRY was about to fall apart over $20 a week for 2 months=$160. Whew! about 3 hours ago
  • Wonder if Obama the Ignoramus is PURPOSEFULLY putting false info (LYING) out there, or is just an IGNORANT MORON who don't what he's saying? about 3 hours ago
  • MOST ANNOYING HUMAN IN HUMAN HISTORY: Janice Hahn. Takes cake in both MIND & MOUTH. U listen to her speak, U know something is wrong w her. about 10 hours ago
  • Los Angeles Media & Fan Response to "Zuma Dogg" (Los Angeles' Legendary Icon) -- Press Quotes & Unsolicited (cont) about 15 hours ago
  • Although I'm happy for FED investigation of HUD money over meals/limos, MORE INTERESTED in Cisnero's LA HUD project=#1 $ loss for LA in '08! about 16 hours ago
  • PROBES OF VILLARAIGOSA DEPTS: Pension, Building & Safety, Housing Authority, Housing Dept, Transportation, Campaign $ Laundering=SUCCESSFUL! about 16 hours ago
  • NOTE: KNBC report on LA City Council lavish wasteful trips & meals, not to be confused w KCBS report on HACLA lavish wasteful trips & meals. about 16 hours ago
  • NOTE: FBI's probe of Building & Safety inspectors taking bribes, not to be confused with LA Housing Dept/REAP/Code Enforcement bribe probe. about 17 hours ago
  • NOTE: The Federal HUD Investigation in L.A. Housing AUTHORITY, not to be confused with FBI investigation into L.A. Housing DEPARTMENT. 10-4! about 17 hours ago

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