Saturday, December 3, 2011

12/3/11 3pm: Occupy LA LIVE STREAM as LAPD Line Up (Alegedly In RIOT GEAR), AGAIN...WATCH LIVE, NOW!

A much smaller crowd today, in Downtown Los Angeles City Hall area, as LAPD are lining up and the OccupyLA cult mob heads over to them. Occupy LIVE stream says complaints that LAPD has "ABDUCTED" people, shown pictures of their family and military record, told, "DON'T COME BACK," then released. AND, claims of POLICE BRUTALITY ON VIDEO in the 2pm hour. And I can tell ya, now...the movement to have 1% of Wall Street bankers pay, "fair share," will be ALL ABOUT having City Hall fix the DEAD public park lawn, with plants and more sustainable things, cause the water spills onto the sidewalk. (YES, that's what I'm already hearing on the stream. THAT'S the problem!!! THAT'S why the job market is down. THAT'S why homes are being foreclosed. THAT'S why the U.S. economy is in trouble: CITY HALL CAN'T RE-SEED THE DEAD GRASS WITH GRASS, NOW! It's ALL ABOUT the water that flows onto the sidewalk. (DOES IT EVEN RUN ONTO THE SIDEWALKS, at City Hall? ONE thing they did right, is the sprinkler system at city hall.)


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