Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12/6/11: Minutes of Occupy LA "General Assembly" & Recommendations via @OccupyTweets

  • @Villaraigosa: Why don't you give @OccupyLA some of Meurello's property to work out of? 9th & Flower would be PERFECT! Or Alameda office! less than a minute ago
  • #SEIU #AFSME #UNIONS: PLEASE find some available LA warehouse space for @OccupyLA to hold general assembly. Room for 250 should be enough. 3 minutes ago
  • @OccupyLA: NOT everyone who wants to create change, wants to stand outside in the dark, cold, downtown street. PLENTY of WAREHOUSE SPACE! 6 minutes ago
  • MESSAGE TO @OccupyLA: MIGHT open your movement up/gain more participants, if u hold meetings INSIDE A PUBLIC ROOM, instead of on streets. 8 minutes ago
  • @OccupyLA: Not to say "YOUR LEADERS" (Cult Leaders) don't think you are empty headed puppets, want to give you a "script" to read from. DOH 11 minutes ago
  • "We will be passing out a "talking points," memo, so you and friends know what to say." YOU MEAN CULT LEADER HAS SCRIPT FOR PUPPETS? A CULT! 14 minutes ago
  • Street #occupiers, under the influence of bigger powers behind #OWS, do not realize they are brainwashed cult members being used as puppets. 15 minutes ago
  • I LIKE THESE KEYWORDS LINKING TO ZD'S BLOG: pension fraud, henry cisneros, waste cityview. SAYS IT ALL! Hope it's the #FBI who typed that! 17 minutes ago
  • REMEMBER, PEOPLE: The OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT FOR "OCCUPY TWEETS" is @OccupyTweets. (Obviously! From ORIGINAL #Occupy Forefather/Master.) 20 minutes ago
  • RT @OWSLA: Police # @ OccupyLA was less tonight. Maybe they finally realized we are nonviolent. (Or maybe cause only 50 people/not camping.) 22 minutes ago
  • I don't think #OccupyLA realizes, City Council merely passed a "RESOLUTION," not a "MOTION." As in "New Year's Resolution"=Wishful thinking. 30 minutes ago
  • NOT to say ALL the interest around @OccupyLA was WWE LAPD vs OCCUPIERS SHOWDOWN entertainment. 20,000 Occupy Ustream views, now down to 59. 32 minutes ago
  • Can #OccupyLA become LEGITIMATE or CREDIBLE movement if they ILLEGALLY occupy/seize/take control of property that is NOT THEIRS? IRRATIONAL! 35 minutes ago
  • Welcome to @OccupyLA: A peaceful protest movement about protests. Join the protest, and protest peacefully about other peaceful protests. 38 minutes ago
  • RT @OccupyLA: Want to Counter Propaganda on behalf of OLA? Join the OLA Anti-Smear Affinity Group 6pm City Hall West side stairs. Wed. LOL! 41 minutes ago
  • #OccupyLA General ASSembly: Like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for people who like to complain about cops, protests and new bail amounts. about an hour ago
  • COMFORT WORDS: "Solidarity" "Peaceful-Protest" "Yoga" "Moment of Silence (In Peaceful Solidarity)" Voting to decide to get arrested, or not. about an hour ago
  • @OccupyLA Now discussing workshop on Syria, Wed/6pm, to show solidarity and emotional support. Wealthy 1% in Syria need to pay "fair share?" about an hour ago
  • Please REACH OUT AND TOUCH ZUMA DOGG, PERSONALLY, without touching me...donate on PayPal, today. See button on http://t.co/zRtAQN51 blog. about an hour ago
  • EZ for @OccupyLA to blame BANKS for foreclosures=while IGNORING what City Hall did with the money to provide housing for homeless families. about an hour ago
  • RT @OccupyLA: Something's wrong w a society that boards up a home & leaves it vacant, rather than house a homeless family living in car. LOL about an hour ago
  • Have a feeling, when #OccupyLA says still-jailed Occupier has $76,000 bail, may be for OTHER things, too? Outstanding warrants? Sounds high. about 2 hours ago
  • About 50 people at #OccupyLA General ASSembly. Instructing Occupiers to get permits for overnight tent encampments. ALL about the tailgate! about 2 hours ago
  • NOW STREAMING: @OccupyLA General ASSembly: http://t.co/zImtPyo8 about 2 hours ago
  • #OccupyLA General Assembly NOW TAKING vote as to, "whether we should get arrested for a good reason/cause, or not." ALL ABOUT COPS! GROW UP! about 2 hours ago
  • 12/6/11: Zuma Dogg Tweets: Paul "Krackwhorian" Krekorian-CRYBABY LOSER, Rosendahl SUCKS=HE… http://t.co/j7lQIu2c about 2 hours ago

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