Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12/7/11: L.A. City News UPDATE: Zuma Dogg Says, "NO WAY L.A. City Escapes Bankruptcy" (in '13), Villaraigosa Running Out of "I Didn't Know" Excuse Option (When Depts/Commissions are BUSTED) & MASSIVE BLOG FRENZY UPDATES!

  • "Need to cut $40 in services within 4 weeks. Running out of options." L.A. CAO Santana, LAST WEEK! MORE BAD NEWS, COMING! BANKRUPTCY in '13. less than a minute ago
  • ZD=Got Rainman, "Five minutes to Wapner," (prophet) feeling, tonight, watching CNBC/Bloomberg TV: L.A. City ain't gonna escape bankruptcy! about a minute ago
  • YOU ARE BASING YOUR OPINION on TODAY'S L.A./U.S./Global economic conditions. ZD feels L.A. will be FORCED into Bankruptcy court in '13. :( 4 minutes ago
  • I guess the only way to hedge against HIGH inflationary gas prices, likely to be coming is to invest in oil. INFLATION=gonna be a '12 BITCH. 6 minutes ago
  • EURO-ZONE: Even if they walk out "One happy family," A la Garcetti; a BOTTOMLESS=doesn't pencil out. AND crack addicts can't come off crack. 8 minutes ago
  • L.A.ALERT: Hedge funds reporting -9% LOSS in '11. LA pension fund=similar. IF CITY IS -18% off projection WE NEED TO KNOW! [Expects +8%!] 16 minutes ago
  • ZD's Pension Fund BAT-ANALYZER feels LACERS pension fund is more likely to be DOWN -8%, than UP +8%, as projected/expected. IS ZD RIGHT? 22 minutes ago
  • WHERE'S THE PAYPAL, Y'ALL?: Had nice, living in denial/blaze of glory blog storm,Tues. Need nice surprise in morning, so I don't melt down. 31 minutes ago
  • Villaraigosa=ALWAYS says, "I didn't know," after city is BUSTED on fraud. Type ANY topic into Google=ZD/MayorSam blog posts appear! WE KNEW! 46 minutes ago
  • WHY ZD NEVER believes #Villaraigosa when he says, "I didn't know," after City Hall fraud is exposed: ZD & @MayorSam ALREADY EXPOSED IT ALL! 48 minutes ago
  • HOW IT WORKS, PEOPLE!: Organized crime, uses drug money to back politicians. Once in office, mayor appoints mafia crewmates throughout city. 52 minutes ago
  • HOW MUCH LONGER Is L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa Going To Use EXCUSE, "I DIDN'T KNOW," Every Time… about an hour ago
  • VILLARAIGOSA=GOING DOWN: Gold Card=Didn't Know. Building/Safety=Didn't Know. HACLA=Didn't know. LAHD=Didn't know. Pensions=Didn't know. #FBI about an hour ago
  • HOW MUCH LONGER till #FBI grabs #Villaraigosa by shirt collar & drags him into office for some answers. "I didn't know," AIN'T CUTTIN' IT! about an hour ago
  • #VILLARAIGOSA=NEVER KNOWS NOTHIN'!: EVERY TIME a Dept/Commission Board gets BUSTED, Mayor NEVER KNOWS NOTHING! How crime-ring boss operates! about an hour ago
  • HOW CRIME RINGS OPERATE: BOSS "NEVER KNOWS NOTHING!": LA TIMES: Villar says he didn't know about HACLA payout. about an hour ago
  • TOO CONFUSING w SO MANY account passwords. NOW, I just use ONE easy password: My name Z-U-M-A-D-O-G-G, backwards. NO ONE will think of that! about an hour ago
  • RT @villaraigosa: Heading to Chongqing to speak w/govt about green investments. [SHOULD BE TRYING TO KEEP SECRET=WASTING TIME ON BULLSHIT!] about an hour ago
  • RT @Bill_Rosendahl: @villaraigosa nominated Brentwood's Ann Hollister to Board of Airport Commissioners. [Villar only appoints CRIMINALS!] about an hour ago
  • RT @Bill_Rosendahl: City Council votes in favor of supporting amendment to end corporate personhood. [Does that actually DO anything? No?] about 2 hours ago
  • RT @WendyWatch: The Housing Authority scandals clearly demonstrated that Wendy Watchdog is not qualified to be Mayor. about 2 hours ago
  • CA High-speed rail looking more uncertain (As it should. High-speed train to where NO ONE needs to go.] about 2 hours ago
  • RT @ladailynews: Editorial: Public supports do-over on rail question ]Facts on REAL COST/TIMEFRAME came out?] about 2 hours ago
  • RT @ladailynews: City to revamp private trash collection plan [Let me guess? Making it less expensive?] about 2 hours ago
  • RT @ladailynews: Board backs `desperately needed' water-rate increase about 2 hours ago
  • CNBC GLOBAL ECONOMY OUTLOOK FOR 12/7/11: FTSE, CAC, DAX to Open Higher Despite S&P Warning about 2 hours ago
  • 12/6/11: Minutes of Occupy LA "General Assembly" & Recommendations via @OccupyTweets about 2 hours ago

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